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Kittens Food

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I have 2 adult cats and 2 new kittens. when I tried giving them Kitten food they refused! All prefered the regular food. I tried a few brands (from the poor selection of good food we get here). Is it Ok for them to eat the regular food? I know it can't be too bad as I see my out-door cats who are healthy and strong even if they get the cheapest kind... But is there anything I can or should do?
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If I recall correctly the advice I've been given, the regular cat food is okay for the kittens to eat, but doesn't have the additional nutrition for young growth. You may want to supplement with some sort of treat or "cat milk" to help provide.

We did this to prevent our older cat from fattening due to eating kitten food when we got our second cat.

I hope that helps, and if someone corrects my information, I apologize if I was wrong.

Be well,
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It really depends on the age of the kitten. If they are under 4 months, the really must have some sort of kitten food. If they are over, what Bill says is correct. They can eat the dry adult food but you want to give them the lactaid, KMR milk replacer or some wet kitten food once a day.
With the brand, the only difference between the premium and the "cheap" stuff is the ingredients. Some cats can tolerate the cheap stuff. Most common complaint with the cheap food is vomiting and eating more because they are mostly eating fillers rather than a meat product.
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Milki is 5 1/2 months and Kfitzi is 4 months. At the moment we mix the dry Kitty food into the adult one, so they do eat some, as for canned food- they all get the same most of the time (Fancy feasr or Pro-Plan) and only from time to time we get a can of Kitty food by Science Diet that they like...
As for brands- they eat premium only ..We give them the best one there is in Israel, Pro-Plan... we tried Iams but Milki start vomiting from it.
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We had the same problem when we let our kittens into the adult population. One thing my vet suggested, which worked really well, is to put the kittens in a room by themselves with some kitten food for a couple of hours a day, or maybe even overnight. Even though they ate the adult food when given a chance, they ate the kitten food when that was the only option.
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