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just curious

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]ive been searching for a solid black and white kitten in Houston & i suppose im just not looking in the right direction...does anyone in Houston area know anyone "giving away" solid black and white kittens???[/font]
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Welcome to TCS....real quick question...why must the kitten be 'free'? There are many expenses associated with getting a kitten....initial shots, spaying or neutering, annual exams, food, litter, toys etc. It can all add up. Many rescues have kittens that are already UTD on shots and in many cases may already be spayed/neutered.

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Do you want two kittens so a black and a white kitten? or are you meaning a black bicolour kitten??
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There aint no such thing as a free lunch, or kitten. Any pet requires money, care and love. Unforunatly sometimes the most expensive kittens are the "free ones" Please check out your local shelters as the anilmals tere are usually healthy and have had their shots and been spayed/neutered or arrangements are made for it.
P.S Welcome to TCS we care and have good advice and suggestions about cats.

"My Cats Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student" usually
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I concur about the free. I pd $25 for Bakker from the rescue but even though he had his shots and some meds already-he also had ringworm which cost me $$$$$. He was still worth it however.
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I rescued Lovey for free (he was on his way to the humane society after multiple homes)
but the first vet visit was $100. This doesn't include a $35 cat carrier, the $$$ for food and treats, toys, grooming supplies, litterbox, and litter.
This amounted to hundreds of dollars in the first few days I had him.

Since acquiring Rocky, (ALSO FREE being a stray off the street), I have multiplied that hundred dollars several times over

Love ain't cheap, remember

I would check out your local shelter.
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