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Hi There!

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I'm new here... so let me intruduce myself.
The easiest way is to give you my website address so you can see for your self...

it's Gucci and the Brits!

I'm form Israel, I have 4 cats in the house, and we also feed lots of cats outside. We have about 10 in our back yard at the moment and we take care of many others. I'll post a few pictures soon! In the mean time come and see my house-fat-cats...and don't forget to sign my guestbook while you are there!
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Hi Efrat!

It's me, Anat from Shoonra! Welcome to the forums!

I'm sure once everyone gets over the holidays hangover you'll get plenty of welcome messages Meanwhile, have a look around and post, post, post. If you need any help with anything, just let us know here.

Oh, and you already know what I think about your adorable cats!
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A warm welcome to you! Its great to have another member. Lots of good people and information here.

Have fun and we'll see you around!

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Welcome to The Cat Site! Enjoy yourself it's a wonderful place!
Also, You have a beautiful group of kitties. They all look very happy and well cared for!
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What a great group of cats! Kfitzi is adorable! and Tsoomi looks so noble!

A very nice site you've put together for them! Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Bill,
Thanks for your nice comments... Kfitzi is adorable- he has the nicest personality I have ever known... (beside the fact that he wakes me up early sometimes). He loves everyone and he's so active... he doesn't act like a british at all, maybe he's still young...
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Welcome & enjoy the site. It is very informative & alot of fun. :rainbow: :flower: :daisy:
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Hello Efrat,

You know you have gotten your new year off to a great start be joining this site. Hope to see you posting often.
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Beautiful kits! Welcome to our furry family.
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Welcome, Efrat!
Your little family is beautiful! The cat site is a wonderful place to be, the people here are so warm and friendly. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

By the way, your web page is beautiful!

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Efrat... welcome to you!!!!! We are glad you have joined us!!!!
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Hellohah!! Welcome to the site!! Make yourself at home and stick around!!
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Just went to your website, great job, beautiful cats. Keep up the monthly photos, they change a lot.

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Glad you registered. It's always a pleasure to have one more cat lover among us

I'm sure you'll find lots of people here with whom you'll be able to speak of your dear furry ones

I'm looking forward to your pictures. Oh by the way, your website is very nice. Thanks :flash:

Write soon :rainbow:
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