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Is someone trying to eat my cats?

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Sounds strange, doesn't it... but I think someone was trying to catch one of my cats for dinner !

You see, we have Thai workers in the neighborhood and they are notorious for hunting and eating animals around them. They have caused major ecological damage in some parts of Israel by hunting wildlife but they are said to like dogs and cats meat too!!!

This evening, as I was sitting and watching TV with hubby, I heard this noise of someone walking right behind our house. It was dark outside and one of the cats was out so I opened the window to see if there was anyone out there. I heard someone making the kind of sound you make when you're trying to call a cat. At first I thought maybe my brother-in-law (who lives next door) was for some odd reason calling our cat, so I called out loud "Who's there? Is that you Boaz?", but no one answered. I got outside and I noticed that my BIL was taking a shower at his place so that wasn't him (checked with him later as well).

At that stage, my hubby ran outside to see if there was anyone there, but he couldn't see anyone in the dark.

Well, we fear that maybe one of the Thai workers came over to get his dinner.

I'd hate to blame them unjustly and we didn't actually see anyone, but this is too scary! I don't want my babies ending up on a plate!!!

They're both inside now, but I can't find the new stray that's been living in our porch these past few days

I hope he shows up by tomorow morning...
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PLEASE keep us posted and let us know if the stray shows up! I was horrified after I read your thread. Although some people joke about cats tasting like chicken, I find it very disturbing. And if that person that was outside calling the cat was only looking for HIS cat, why didn't they answer you. Sounds fishy to me.
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When the first influx of Vietnamese refugees arrived in Southern California, many of them were put up in the apartment complex where I lived (it was a HUD project, albeit a nice one) A family of 3 moved in next door, soon there were 5 and then there were 8- in a two bedroom! About a week after they moved in, the cats started vanishing. Two of mine went first, then others lost their pets. The cooking smells from the apartment was atrocious! But, there was no evidence, and nothing anyone could do. You can't fault them, it is how they lived and they weren't used to our culture. Heck, they even washed their clothes in the swimming pool! I hope you can keep your cats safe from this.
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I have heard of this kind of stuff, but have never seen it. I just hope this really isnt happening. I could never eat a deer let alone a cat!
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Oh my!!! That is scary!!! I would just be panicking that they would try to get one of my cats to eat!!! How awful!!! Ids there anything you can do to protect them? Keep us posted...we will worry.
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Anne, geez! Don't you have enough to worry about being in a 'war zone' without someone trying to do something like this? I'd shoot somebody if they tried eating my cats. How horrible. Keep them all inside if you can.

By the way (and I mean NO offense by this), but is it hard over there right now with all the political turmoil and the skirmishes between the Isreal soldiers and Palestinian people?

I'd keep myself and my cats inside I think. I hope you and your kids are all ok.
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MeowMan...I was wondering the same thing, so don't feel bad for asking. Anne, we are worried about you....are you sure your safe there?
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Is there a way you could report this to the police or someone? Maybe send a letter to the news stations so it gets out so this doesn't happen to anyone's cat(s)? I hope your stray is ok! Keep us posted!
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Not being neutered (yet!) I guess he must have went on a nightly stroll... He was here for a his breakfast this morning we call him Romeo by the way, cause he sings seranades to our Gezer

We asked around and people said it's impossible. There are other cats around and no cat has gone missing yet. They also told me that the home office carried out extensive campaigns among Thai workers warning them not to hunt pets. I hope this is so...
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Ohhh, that's great that Romeo returned!! I'm so glad he didn't wind up as dinner for some Thai worker! Glad that he is okay!
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Ooops, forgot about the Israel questions. Please feel free to ask away - if you're too curious I'll set my husband at you be warned... he can talk a lot about the situation here!

Israel is a very safe place really. We don't see the violence on the streets - just on TV. The riots are all in the occupied territories and not inside Israel. There are the occasional terror attacks inside Israel, but you have a greater chance of being in a car accident (here as elsewhere in the world) then in a terrorists attack, so there's no point in worrying too much about it.

If you have any other questuions - just shoot! (pun intended )
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