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There are two wasps hanging out in my house

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What should I do? Just ignore them and hope they die eventually? I had the window cracked and they flew in, so I'm afraid to reopen the window since I know there are more out there. I've locked the kits out of the room. They are in the computer room- one on the ceiling by the vent and the other on the window next to the computer. Where I am sitting!! I'm trying to be quiet and whatnot and not disturb them. If the cats got stung would it hurt them? I know that wasps will just keep stinging if they feel threatened. Any advice? I don't have any bug spray!
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Could you try and catch them in a jar or something? and then set them free outside.

Good Luck
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Yikes, I'd be out of that room ASAP!!!
Are they still there?
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My cats would kill them. I have to go after them with a flyswatter so that doesn't happen when they get in the house. If you have bleach, you can mix that with hot water and use a sprayer and spray these wasps. Just use more bleach than water.
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Thanks for the advice. Now I can't find them. I'm assuming they are laying low somewhere.
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put some water and syrup or jam and water in a jam jar. they will fly in and get stuck and drown.
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My dad has a bug zapper that resembles a tennis racket and it really works wonders. I found a website that has a picture and description of one.
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Find them, get a shoe, and squish 'em!!!! You don't want to let them "disappear" and step on one in the middle of the night!!!
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Ew Ew EW! I HATE wasps! They're SOOOO creepy!

Usually I get my dad to take care of them. He takes his cap off, and swats em. I'd never do THAT!

But when he's not home, I get the flyswatter, creep up, I'm OH SO cautious, and when it turns around, SMACK! If I miss, I run out of the room screaming.
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dead wasps can still sting so make sure you trap the blighters
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Jerry is very allergic, so I'd have to swat them.
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I'm going to try the water and jam thing and see if that works! They are still hiding. I went ahead and reopened the window to see if they'd fly out.
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