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TCS now is sponsored by Royal Canin?

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I have started to notice that all the offensive pop ads are gone and for those of us who havent gotten a paid account yet we can see that we are now sponsored by Royal Canin cat food. I think this is pretty cool. I was wondering how did this come about?
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Thank MA!
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Thanks MA and Anne!!
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Awesome. Royal Canin is the best!!
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Thanks guys. They were actually the first sponsors when I signed on as Marketing Manager here two years ago. It's nice to have them on board again, and their pet food rocks!
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Thank you MA for working so hard for the good of TCS.
Welcome back Royal Canin. You made the right decision.
There are a lot of loyal TCS members.
We buy a lot of cat food.
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Here in Germany, Royal Canin offers special prices to animal shelters, and also allows them to make very-much-needed money by selling their food to the public.
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Thanks to everyone that should be thanked!!!
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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome to our generous sponsors. They do offer top quality cat food, which is why we truly are honored to have them as our sponsors! And yes, that also means those annoying pop-ups are gone now Thank you Royal Canin!
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I just wanted to add that Royal Canin invented dry cat food, and was one of the forerunners when it came to developing age and breed-specific foods. I no longer use their food myself, because it doesn't agree with Jamie (he gets itchy dandruff), but I know from experience that he loves the taste of it, especially of the "Exigent", and that most cats do very well on the food. It's definitely a food I recommend, and I greatly appreciate RC's efforts to support animal shelters.
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I think its really neat that we are sponsered by them. They are one of the best cat foods around and I think it says a lot about the intregity of TCS to be sponsered by such a quality food, and it says a lot about Royal Canin wanting to sponser a site dedicated to cats like we are. What a great thing to happen to both TCS and Royal Canin, Great job MA and Thanks Royal Canin!
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I am a loyal Royal Canin customer based upon their earlier sponsorship here. I hope this campaign is successful for them, too.
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Two years ago, I reviewed several of their cat food products. I was immensely impressed with the results and have continued to use BabyCat 34 with each new rescued kitten or litter.

Here is the review for those interested:

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A store in my town carries it. I am eager to try a bag for the kittens, as well as Festus.

The foster agency just gave me some Science Diet kitten food, and my Mommacat loves it, but I haven't seen the babies try it yet. It is so hard, I don't see how they could chew it. I tried adding water, but Mommacat (Sugartoes) keeps drinking the water, because she loves the Science Diet, and loves the gravy off the canned food!

And Festus and Garfield won't eat the regular Science Diet, even moistened. They prefer the flavor of Purina! I thought Science Diet was supposed to be good stuff? And this morning Festus was acting like she was constipated, so maybe a gradual change to a better food will help. I'll let you know if she will eat it. She has a history of refusing new foods (except people foods!)
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Does Royal Canin make wet food? I am going to switch CJ over to RC dry (Adult fit 32), but he likes his wet food every night. If not, any suggestions?
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Darn, the store in my town that carries Royal Canin doesn't carry the Babycat food. They have to order 8 bags at a time, so can't just order me one bag! Guess I'll have to make a run to Petsmart, which is in the neighboring town!
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Yeah I went to petsmart and petco to get adultfit 32 and none carried it either. They only had adult food, which isnt even an option on the Royal Canin website Either way I can say that them sponsoring TCS has made me want to get it. I realized that I have been feeding him the kitten food (not babycat the other one) mixed with his adult food for about 2 months (he turned 1 in june) and he seemed very excited by the lean cat indoor formula I got him. I really wish they carried adult 32 cause that seems like a perfect food fit for him.
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I will generally tell you that I have a very thick skin when it comes to advertising, but, hey, you would too if you were in my line of work. We don't fall for it! their ads here did influence me to switch from Nutro, becase if they're so nice as to sponsor us to talk about anything and everything we want, then they can't be bad people, right? Also, We've been having problems with Gibby eating the nutro from the start (I don't think he chews enough for his tummy to deal well with the BIG biscuits) and so when I was evaluating Royal canin, I found it had a variety of formulas, which I like better than the one size fits all varieties. Also the texture is a very nice one for kibble and one that even if your cat doubles as a vacuum when shown a food bowl, shouldn't upset their tummy.

I didn't know if this is where to put it, but I just wanted to say that it's a good move, yep!

We are now using Indoor 27 formula, and we'll see how that goes
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Also if you guys ask your local petfood stores to carry this brand, it is likely they will order it. That is what happened over here. I asked the feed store to start carrying it, and they ordered it a little bit at a time and now they carry it full stocked. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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We had a Royal Canin seminar at work on Friday and despite it being terribly boring I was impressed with everything that goes into making food for our animals. I got two free samples of kitty food and while they haven't had any yet (I am finishing their other food first) they were trying to tear open the bags themselves.

After this I think I will be permanently switching to Royal Canin.
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