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Thanks ! What I do is go into another room to get/do something, get there and have no clue why I'm there, turn around go back to the starting point, then I remember what I was going to do/get and have to go back again! I get a lot of exercise that way !

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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy

I'm with you...Have you ever started doing something different than you intended to do or gone into a room to get something and picked up something entirely different than you were going to get?
I am perpetually in a state of standing there murmuring "now what was I coming in here to get?"...

Or worse is when you start asking the kits what you are supposed to be doing?
I have to go back to the spot where I thought about it to make me remember.
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Interesting article!
It reminds me of a woman in the office at work-she is always SICK! I started wondering the same thing, but couldn't find any good info on it. Now she's pregnant, & at first I didn't believe it, I thought it was going to be a made up thing for more attention. Now I'm just thinking,"Oh, that poor kid".
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Okay... Here is my strange/weird story. I used to belong this forum for military girlfriends because my boyfriend is in the military and I needed the support of the other girls in the forum. Well the administrator of this forum was leading a double life..She led the girls that posted in this forum to believe that she had a Sailor boyfriend and that she was pregnant by him.... Come to find out that she wasnt pregnant and was also dumped by her her"boyfriend". And she also lived with her parents at the age of 27 and was unemployed. She had numerous military girlfriend boards but they were all closed for one reason or other. The one that I was on of hers was closed because of numerous OPSEC violations.
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Originally Posted by Purity
I've never pretended to be anyone else, I'm an awful liar as I have the memory of a goldfish and I catch myself out within minutes! I also don't see the point in it, and it can be downright odd.
LOL! I love how you phrased this! And it is true of me, also! The memory of a goldfish! I love it!
Originally Posted by Purity
I did know a girl on another forum who was being 'stalked' by another member. The other member would email her threats, follow her around the boards and start fights, posted her personal information across the boards, even posted pictures of the girls wedding online and said she was going to wait outside her house one night and kill her. We were obviously all horrified by this other member, who was banned time and time again but kept reregistering under different names to continue the threats. Then we found out it was the girl herself who was making the whole thing up, was registering under different names and arguing with herself, posting her own photos and information on the boards. Have no idea why she did it, sympathy maybe? Sign of a very derranged mind if you ask me.
Thats just weird!
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Boy there are folks with less of a life than me ( that is really something for sympathy)... I have come accross alot of weirdos on some bourds the one that took the cake was the guy that said he was single who turned out to be married and talking to me on the phone while the new wife was in the other room...
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