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OK - Confess!

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Who may sneak a drink out of the milk carton, or eat a sugar packet when noone is looking? hmmmmmmmmm let me see?
OK - fess up!
Who does what?
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Nope, not either one, but I do sneak cookies! hahahaha!

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I do NOT drink from the carton of milk, but I have been known to upend an already opened two liter of soda or drink from the iced tea pitcher, when in need of a quick refresh.
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I have been known to drink from the milk carton, but only if it's the last mouthful and I plan on finishing it. I don't drink from soda bottles, because I'm afraid I'd end up dumping the whole thing on myself! I'm such a klutz.

Gave up eating sugar packets at about, oh, 6 years old.

However, when my daughter asks for a drink, if I am thirsty, I fill her glass a little too far and have some before I give it to her. But only if she's not looking, because I think it would gross her out! And I do sometimes use the cooking spoon to sample what I'm making . . .
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Drinking out of the milk carton absolutely makes my stomach turn (the thought of it anyway, haven't you seen that milk commercial advertising that they have glasses for sale on their website, YUCK ) but it wouldn't really matter if I drank out of my milk carton since I am the only one in the house who drinks nonfat milk

Never have been fond of plain sugar, but I do love to eat spoonfuls of creamer. Like when you go to a restaurant with packets of powdered coffee creamer, I'll take a few packets and eat the stuff. I've also been known to take a spoonful or two from the jar at home....
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It's not exactly eating sugar packets, but this time of the year I end up eating waaaaay too many sweets!!!!! :icecream:
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