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very small cat pregnant

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my cat, Nikki, she's only about a year old I think? someone dropped her off at our house sometime last year, she looks very young and she's very small. I'm afraid she might have trouble delivering the kittens. She's pretty far along and could have them any time, her stomach is very big but she is soo little, I can put one hand around her neck that's how small she is. Would this be a problem, my step-dad said he doesn't know if she could make it through the delivery because she's so little. Has anyone ever had this problem, I've been giving her alot food but she doesn't eat much anymore and I've been giving her a little milk each day thinking it might help please if anyone has any advise or anything HELP!!!
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You might want to try getting some KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and feeding it to her, rather than straight milk. It will beef her up and prepare her for nursing. My cat was a small year old as well, and she pulled through like a trooper! If she's not eating much anymore, she might be ready to deliver soon, since some cats stop eating shortly before delivering (do you know when she's due?). Then again, if she's not been eating at all for more than a day, you might want to keep an eye on her and make sure it's not something else. Please make sure she's still drinking water and using the litter, at least. Don't want her to get dehydrated!

Best of luck!
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Thanks! yes she's been eating a little, but she won't eat her normal cat food with the other cats, I've been giving her tuna and hot dogs along with her food and she eats that, I just want to make sure she eats something! she hasn't drank much water but there is water in her tuna so that gives her some i guess? I think she's about ready to deliver, she's laying around a lot not doing anything and that's a sign she's almost ready too so hopefully it will go good
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Best of luck with the delivery! I'm sure everything will be ok. Please keep us posted!
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I would start feeding her canned and dry kitten food and lay off the hot dogs and tuna. I would also take her to the vet to be checked out, he can then be familiar with her and answer your questions and if something does happen and you have to call him, he will remember the cat and be able to help you through it. Please get her spayed after this litter comes into the world. Hopefully, all will go well with the birthing, but keep informed as to what to watch out for.
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wet kitten food will help keep her hydrated. you can search this forum for a recipe for kitten glop which you could also try her on.

the best advice i can give to you is read, read and read some more. read every article on cat pregnancy and birth that you can and atleast ring the vet for a chat but better still take her in for a check up.

make sure you have an emergency vet number on hand and some where safe and warm for her to give birth.
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My cat Emma just had her babies and she too is only a year old and very small. She didnt have a problem physically, but emotionally, well thats another story...
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thanks everyone! she's eating better and has been drinking more water, so that's good. I'll keep you updated...
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Your vet may also tell you whether it is safe to continue the pregnancy - she can still be spayed while pregnant and while I know some may object to that, your cat's life is important!!!! Check with your vet to make sure she can carry her babies to term. I know someone who lost their cat (It was an accidental pregnancy and she was not a breeder nor did she have a menntor). There is also the possibility of a C section of course which may be what she will need given her size but only your vet can determine that.
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I was worried about CJ when she was preggo, too.... she was 11 months old when she delivered and she's as small as you described; in fact, I mistake her for her 12 week old kitten a lot! But she delivered without a problem, and is the best mother cat I have ever seen! I'm amazed by how good of a mother she is.

P.S. I fed her Iams Kitten Formula or Purina Kitten Chow.
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The following advice is all good suggestions for your pregnant kitty. Our local stray just had kittens with us two weeks ago. As you, our momma kitty was very, very young and small. The actual birthing process was scary and painful for her, but her maternal instincts took over and she's been an excellent mother to the kittens. And this forum has been a terrific help for me with all the questions I've had along the way.

Sounds like you should prepare a birthing area (box or crate) very soon. Please read up on birthing preparations and ask all the questions you want. Than nature will take its course.

Keep us updated!

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Hi there,

I recently had a very very close friends cat die from what the vet suspected was milk fever also known as eclampsia.
Here's the link to that post:

Her cat was also very very tiny and very very young. I would strongly recommend that you take your cat into the vet and get her checked out... Also... make sure you get all the numbers to call if there's an emergency and the vet is closed and stuff.

It would be a good idea to invest in a small tube of nutri-gel for cats.
A daily dose of this gel or even a small amount given twice a day would be good for your lactating cat the process of feeding kittens can be very depleting. It'll also come in handy at other times...

Also consider a calcium supplement. Milk fever is caused by severe depletion of calcium. Heres a link to a calcium gel...

Alternatively you could just crush up a calcium tablet meant for people but you will have to divide the tablet into doses of around 500mg per day.

Anyway, i guess an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... Good luck! I really hope everything goes well.
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