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Rambo & Lucky Update!

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Hi everyone! I managed to borrow a digital camera again so I thought I would update you on Lucky and Rambo! Rambo is now 4.5 months old and Lucky is 9.5 months old. Rambo is enjoying his last few days as a real male...( ) before he goes in next wednesday. I'm not sure how lucky will handle the separation...

Without further ado.... (there will only be a few at a time as dialup makes uploading very slooooooow )

My princess Lucky (caught doing something she shouldn't...)

And my main man Rambo (coming for cuddle time!)

And my apartment after a play session.....
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Awww, they are adorable! Isn't it amazing how kittens are so good at wreaking havoc on the house?
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Awww, they're adorable.
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Lucky and Rambo are cute and adorable!
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You have two beautiful kitties.
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They are sooooo sweet.
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thanks everyone...i don't think i could live without them now!

Lucky demanded that she get a post without that pesky here's a few i managed to upload!

enjoying the top perch of the cat tree

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She is so pretty
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Your kittens are extremely adorable!!
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Awwww! They are both so adorable!
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They are so cute!...looks like they like to get into things!!
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thanks everyone! they are adorable and they know it! More pictures coming soon....
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Aw Lucky looks like this cat BJ that I used to know!
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How fun! They are gorgeous!
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What sweeties! They are just precious!
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Still more pics....tell me when to stop!!!

i love the way rambo stands on his tiptoes to see outside....

There wasn't even anything going on out there.....
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Awwww! Such precious little cuties!

Don't stop, I love seeing pictures of your fur kids!
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Lucky is cute up ontop of the tree.

Make sure you spoil rambo before he gets the snip.
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Here's lucky as a kitten shortly after I found her....

and rambo and lucky shortly after he arrived....

And here's some more......

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What beauties! I love the one of Rambo looking out of the screen!
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thanks everyone!
it's so nice to find people that love kitties just as much as me. everyone at work gets tired of hearing about them i think!
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They are sooo beautiful, truly!! The one where Rambo is peeking out on his tippy toes is just one of the cutest things!!!!
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