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Dogsitting question

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Hey! I know some of you have dogs too, so hopefully someone can help me, please, please, please!!! I posted this on another forum and no one would answer
I'm watching my sister's dog for a few days. He's a 3 year old Wheaten Terrier. I work full time so the plan is to walk him in the morning around 7-7:15, then after work around 5 (by the time I get there), and then around 9:30-10. I'm not really sure if this is a decent schedule, I haven't been around dogs for a while.
I walked him around 9:45 last night, he did his business, and then I went home to Milo & Pix (who were not happy about the dog smell at all, lol). I went back this morning at 7 and he had peed on the kitchen floor. He's restricted to the kitchen during the day when no one is there and he's not crate trained. What times do you guys think would be good to walk him? Thanks!
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hmmm how long do you take to walk him?? if its only a few minutes he might not have enough time to empty his bladder. and does he have a history of seperation anxiety? dogs who have seperation anxiety may mess in the house in order to get attention. the schedual seems fine but you may want to go over during your break lunch if you can. if he is on certian medications, they may effect urine output so keep that in mind as well. you might want to go over at say 6:30 insted of 7 and maybe find out when your sister let him out so you can keep him on as close to the same schedual as possible. these of course are all guesses but if he is a perfectly healthy dog it may just be that he really had to go and couldn't hold it untill you got there.
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Well, he does have a history of doing this if he doesn't get out enough. I'm not sure about separation anxiety or anything like that, but he's definitely not happy about being home alone all day, my sister or the kids are usually in and out. The only medicines that he gets are eye drops and benedryl for his allergies. I'm also skipping lunch so that I can get over there around 5 to feed him. I don't want to go later than that for the first walk, bc that's his usual dinner time. I also stayed there for a while so that he could have some company and have free roam in the house. I took him out for about 10 minutes the first time bc it was pouring and then about a half hour the second time. Is that not enough?

I'm soooooo not used to dogs anymore! Not that the cats are easier, they are just different!
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I would just buy puppy pads and put them on the floor so he can relieve himself on them. This is probably a stress reaction because he is not home, and he wants to be.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I would just buy puppy pads and put them on the floor so he can relieve himself on them. This is probably a stress reaction because he is not home, and he wants to be.
He is home, I'm going over there to walk him, feed him, etc.
Milo & Pix would probably flip if he was staying at our place, lol.
It sounds like I'm doing everything right for the most part and that's really what I was worried about. It's only 2 more days and Bandit will have his family back, lol.
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The shedule sound's pretty good. You might want to try to spend a few hours after work at the house with the dog, expecially if they let him hang out outside. Take a good long walk with him when you do take him, 1 hour should be good.
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Our dogs have their first walk at 6AM, breakfast, another quick run at 7AM, one when we get home about 6PM and their last about 11PM. That first one in the morning is always the most urgent for them. Their longest run is at the 7AM and we usually fit in another very long walk either at 6PM or later in the evening.

I agree with Hissy. Put out some puppy pads or even newspaper on the kitchen floor. He is probably stressed by being alone so long, particularly overnight.
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