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Freckles is home

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Freckles is home and currently hiding under my bed. He'll come out if I get on the floor and talk to him. Often Bob will follow me in and he'll come out to say hello. No major hissing, thankfully. He's very talkative in the morning. Fortunatly I like talkative cats ! I have to get some pictures taken of the boys and post them soon.
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Oh boy! I can't wait to see the pics!!
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Aw, that is so awesome that Freckles is in your life!! I am so happy for Bob & you! BTW, any word on how Pierre & Delilah like their new place? Sounds like they were pretty happy to be at Auntie's!
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Can't wait to see pictures of Freckles!!
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Freckles sounds like such a sweetie pie! As does Bob!

I'm pleased that Freckles has joined you and Bob! Can't wait to see pictures!
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I love the name Freckles. My friends Nanas dogs name is Freckles.
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Delilah and Pierre got home OK, but Delilah isn't happy. What can I say - she's a diva! Freckles and Bob are fighting about one thing - who goes in the bathroom with me. Bob had the same fight with Pierre. It may be a few days before I can post pictures - hopefully after the weekend. I also received my Feilaway diffuser last night, and it seemed to have an effect on the boys. They both hung out in the living room with minimal hissing. It didn't stop Bob from trying to steal my pillow at 2:30 this morning, however.
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