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website question

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I have been searching for an online organizer that will allow me to check my home email account (pop email), and maintain a calendar, contacts etc. I prefer it to be a free service and one that doesn't have a lot of clutter with advertising etc. I found a great one but how do I know if it is reputable? Is there a way to find out how long they have been around? I just don't want to begin to depend on it and then a few months from now the site is no longer maintained.
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Maybe if you google the service you are thinking of, you can get info on them from outside sources. Also, you could email them and ask how long they've been in business. I know this doesn't fully answer your question but I hope it helps some.
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Wish I could help ya Squirt! Have you found anything yet?
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Tanya, a couple members of my writing group swears by this website

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I typed up the website name and google and found only 1 page of responses and nothing that had any comments on the site etc. Emailing them was a great idea, and I planned to do that until I checked out the site MA linked. I think I like that one much better all ready Thanks MA! I feel better knowing that it was recommended.
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