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I got 2 kittens from rescue society 6 weeks ago. They were to little to be fixed. I had to sign a paper saying I would release them back to be fixed. I got a call yesterday from their foster mom saying she was picking them up the night before and them bringing them back the next day.

I do not want to them to go with her because I know they will be scared - strange person, strange house overnight, other cats, 3 car rides - at least twenty minutes each, etc... The fixing was part of the price but I would be willing to pay again and write that money off. I have a vet across the street literally walking distance. I thought if I have them fixed by a doctor on the rescue society list a day or two before their scheduled date then the rescue society should have no objection. It breaks my heart to think how scared they will be. Am I being overprotective should I let them go?
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In this case I think you should go with what your heart says. I think what matters to the rescue society is that they get fixed not where it's done.
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I would have to say that no matter what you do, please be sure to verify with the rescue that it's OK to have your own vet do the surgeries. Depending on the wording in the contract you signed, having another vet do it could be a violation of the contract and theoretically they could take back the kittens. It's better to just communicate with them first. Let them know you would be happy to pay for it yourself, and they can get written confirmation from your vet as well as come by your house to verify that the surgery was completed.
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You should call the shelter and see if you can arrange to take them to the shelters vet yourself because of your concerns. I'm sure that something can be worked out as I'll bet their concern is the overall welfare and health of the kitties...Howard
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I agree with both the above - the important thing is to let the Society know your concerns and discuss with them the best thing to do.
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Sounds like you're a great meomy. I think most of us are over-protective. Welcome to the club.
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Thanks everyone they really want to do it themselves. I am going to have to think on it. I know they do this all the time but these are my kittens and they are special and I am a bigger baby than they are.
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I agree with you, DarciFinn. Could you try preparing them with car rides to the mall, or supremarket? That's how I got my kittens used to the carriers & cars. And, if you can get it, use Feliway - it really does work. I moved some people & their 2 cats to Sacramento (about a 6 hr. drive, one way); the cats had never been in carriers, or a vehicle, and the Feliway worked beyond belief! The cats were awesome; they didn't mind at all. But I feel that you should be allowed to go with them to the vet's - I don't understand that at all, but I suppose they must have their reasons.
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to be honest i'd be inclined to let the shelter get on with it.

Whilst i understand your fears you agreed to return them for sp/ntr and it sounds like a standard procedure. i think for one night your babies will be in safe hands.
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Can you accompany the foster mom on the trip to get the kittens fixed???

I tried to become a foster mom, but I fell in love with my three foster kittens and I kept them all.

Foster moms love their kitties very, very much.
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
to be honest i'd be inclined to let the shelter get on with it.

Whilst i understand your fears you agreed to return them for sp/ntr and it sounds like a standard procedure. i think for one night your babies will be in safe hands.
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I don't think you are being overprotective at all. If I could do it all over again, I would do it all myself and go to my vet and pay the extra money instead of letting the shelter do it.

I think it all comes down to how much you trust the shelter. Did you have a good experience with them? Most shelters have some really loving people that are only concerned with the welfare of the animals. I did not have a good experience with the shelter I dealt with and would not go back there again.
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Well I am not sure if rescue society and shelter are interchangable but my kitties came from a non kill foster mom. So not what I would think of as a shelter where they are caged. The shelter mom was nice enough, she had about 10 cats there and she did come to check the house our before she let me have Finn and Darci. I have no doubt she loves cats and she will be sweet to my kitties but I still think they will be scared, they are probably overpampered. I know that night and day will be tough.

My sister said to be sure that they put Finn under because they don't always put boys under, have any one heard that?
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