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Hi Everybody!

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As you can see, I am new here but am very happy to have found these message boards. I have two new kittens, one about 10 or 11 weeks old, one about 9 or 10 weeks old. They are Misty (girl, obviously) and Seamus (a boy, of course) respectively.

I found this site in my efforts to try to figure out if my Misty is NORMAL or not! She has taken to NURSING on me at night! On my ear, on my neck, on my eyelashes, on my hair...pushing in and out all the while. From the little bit of info I have been able to find on this subject, it is apparently normal and she is feeling comfortable with me. I hope. My male does not do this, though he seems perfectly comfortable wtih me himself. They both purr incessantly and love each other (two completely different litters). They have a tendency to start playing with each other in the middle of the night, pouncing on each other, jumping off the bed with loud thumps, grappling, flying through the air and landing on a sleeping mommy and daddy - claws extended. They are so much fun.

Anyway, I let her suckle for as long as I can stand it, until it starts to hurt my ear or the purring as she is doing it begins to tickle then hurt my ears as well.

Has anybody else seen this in kittens? Thanks so much for hearing me out and I hope to hear some feedback.
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Welcome to the forums!, can't wait to see pictures of your little kitties!. The nursing thing is pretty normal. My mom had a cat that was full grown that did that all the time (Honey). Not too sure what the whole psychological reason behind that would be..but there are lots of cats out there that do it!.

Hope you enjoy your time here, I am new here myself and loving it!
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Welcome to the site!

From what I understand, suckling is pretty common for kittens that were taken from Mama too soon. It's a comfort thing for them, and it says she sees you as her Mommy. (AAAWWW!) She may grow out of it, or she may continue to do it. That just depends on her.
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Welcome to TCS! My little April Joy climbs up on my lap to knead and purr. It is so adorable! I hope to see pics of your furbabies soon!
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Welcome, AutumnLeaves! Our third cat Jewel suckles on MommyCat and I, although lately she must have realized that suckling on a DaddyCat was a bit of a faux "paw"! She doesn't do this as often anymore, so apparently eventually they can grow out of it.
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Aloha....welcome to catlover homes


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Welcome to TCS.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS

so glad that you joined us - looking forward to seeing photos of Misty & Seamus if possible - we love photos here

yes sure does sound like Misty is normal to me... maybe she was just taken from her mother too soon.

welcome again
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Welcome to TCS !
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