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DT for Sunday the 30th

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Hello all. I haven't started a DT in a while, so I thought Hey what the heck!!

I am intending on bringing some of the xmas decorations down today. Normally I leave them up thru the New Year, but I think I'll take some down early. I will leave the tree and the outside lights up, but all else is going back in the basement!!!

My dad has been on the Police Dept here in a local city for 35 years, and is retiring on Friday. I have to find a retirement gift today, so I guess its off to the mall I go. UGH. I hate shopping for a man who has EVERYTHING!! And my sister is turning 20 on Friday as well, so I guess I have to get her a gift as well. Oh well, so much for that extra $$$ I have!!
Anyway, I hope you all have a great Sunday. And a safe New Years eve!!! Remember, no drinking and driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Let's see....what's on the agenda for today? Laundry - buttoning up the house more for winter. And let's not forget the daily clean-up of everyone else's mess!
Oh - and the good paet.....continuing to socialize little Scooter! She is coming along great after only a few days!
What a little love-bug!
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I love socializing feral kitties. Scooter sounds like she's really coming out of her shell. Great job!
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Debra M; I haven't remmbered to respond til now, but I am so happy you have been so very successful in getting the last of the feral litter ! GOOD JOB Looks like I will have to get to work on more meeces; I didn't send you enough for the "Whole Herd of Furbabies"!!! I think I will have to make at lest 50 more. I keep remembering people I forgot. . . . .

We always stay home on New Year's Eve and rent movies and have a "Couch Buffet" Everyone gets to request one favorite "nibbley treat" So I will have to prepare some raw veggies and dips. Oh, Yeah, we get champagne, too! It beats being out with the amature drunks. My request is boiled shrimp (peel and eat and not the tiny little ones the medium to large babies/can't afford the jumbos) I hope everyone has a safe celebration and that 2002 is the best year of your "Journey" so far ! We can't all have Lobster. . . . (we're just Yanks)
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Thanks guys. You know, the first time they purr for me - wow, it takes my breath away!
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You are soooooo sweet! Thank God for people like you honey bunch

I remember when my family did stuff like that too. It felt sooo cozy! All of us together...those were the days Well, now that it's just me and the kids, that sounds like a great idea. I'm going to go pick up some DVD's now and get a headstart before everything's taken :LOL: :LOL: I'm sure I'm not the only one staying home! Maybe it's not too late to hunt up a couple of my friends that may be don't want to be out with the "temporarilly insane". One of my friends invited me to go to Miami Beach, which is over 100 miles away. By the time I got off the phone with her she wasn't going anymore! :LOL: Hey, it only makes sense, it's dangerous on a nite like that, especially so far from home.

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Ahhhhh, the first time I have had to sit and do what I want in FOREVER!!
Today was a nice day. I got up at 530 because I was taking a trip to Maine to get a munchkin kitten I have been waiting for. The drive was very nice and I got to see New Hampshire and Maine, which I hadn't seen yet. It hasn't snowed here yet so I got to see some pretty snow on the ground as well. The trip took from 7am until 7pm, but was well worth it. I can't say that I am enjoying the FREEZING weather, but heck the view was worth it.
Now I am warm and cozy in my jammies and the new kitten is getting used to her new home. She will be in lock down for about a month so she doesn't expose the other cats to anything and she has a chance to know her new parents. She is scared right now, but she's a doll. I think we are debating on naming her Mayhem or Crystal. Once she is feel normal, I will take a pic and post it. She is almost all white with some blue spots here and there.
Hopefully everyone is staying warm and cozy and looking forward to the new year
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Psssssst.......... Shhhhhhhhhh

She forgot the neatest thing....

This little munchkin is a direct descendant of the original munchkin....

heh.. and I like Cheyyene....


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Sandie and Ken - that is such good news. What a long day you had - but it ended with a little lovely bundle. I kinda like the Cheyenne name myself!
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Sandie and Ken

I posted last nite, but Lord knows where that one went?

I just wanted to tell you that since my "ignorant remark" about munchkins...DOHHH! (That you were so kind about Sandie I've met two baby munchkins and I'm sooo in love with them! Awwww...they are sooo cute!!! Just thinking about them I wish I was hugging them...:LOL:

Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on your new kitty! She sounds precious! I also had a question about her or any cat. How do you know if a cat is a direct decendant? I know, stupid question, but I don't know about these things since I've never had papers on a cat.

Thanks and give the kitty for me!

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Well... Whenever you get a purebred feline, the breeder should provide a pedigree (an ancestry chart) of the cat, going as far back as possible. Most associations require at the very least, a 3 generation verifiable pedigree to be shown. Some require more..
That would mean that at least for 3 generations, all the cats have been registered. Soo... In the case of our new little one, we have the pedigree given by the breeder, we know that in this case all the cats have been registered 5 generations back, which includes a cat named Bruno and Expect a Miracle (sire & Dam respectivly). We also know that Bruno, is a direct decendant of a cat named Blackberry, which is the Original Munchkin found under a truck in Luisianna. Blackberry of course being the first Munchkin who started it all, Bruno is her Grandson. Also, there are roughly 4 people who started breeding munchkins... one of them is where we got this little one from. Also... we now have, the gene pool from all 4 of those breeders. Hope I didn't confuse anyone....

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I printed that out! hahaha! That's really cool...thanks for the information Ken. I never knew that was documented that well; incredible! Also, that was so interesting to find out how those little guys came about. Awww...just to think that baby was found underneath a truck. Awww.... But now they're famous! :laughing2 Toooo cute! I wish I could get one! Oh well, maybe one day

Thanks again!


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Well, here I am and the day has already come and gone. I'm late, as usual. Okay, I'll be back. Oh, look! There's a couple of people staring at me and one of them is asking the other: "Just who is that guy talking to? That place is closed." I'd better get out of here, before the police are summoned.

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