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Our Sunny & Hobbes

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Hello all! I've made several replies and a post already, but didn't realize I could officially introduce myself and our kitties until this evening! So, here goes!!

Our family consists of me, my husband (we recently married this past June 4th), our daughter (Emily, 5), and our two feline comic-relief jokers, Sunny and Hobbes. I've had over 20 cats in my life, and have had the opportunity to experience MANY different feline personalities, behavioral "problems", and quirks. I'm so thrilled to be creating memories now with these two very special siblings.

Sunny and Hobbes, being brother and sister from the same litter, were born on April 30th, 2004, and have been inseparable from the very start. Even as newborns, they could always be seen together; cuddling, bathing one another, playing together. It was best friends from the start!

I worked with the owner of their mama, Soupie (and her "sister", Sarah) in his home office. Sarah had a litter of four about a month before our little ones were born from Soupie's litter (also of four).

Sunny was the first to be born, and was found by my husband crawling around in the middle of my boss' kitchen floor. He had moved some furniture around for some work that was being done in the livingroom, thus placing one of their livingroom easy-chairs in the kitchen, and that was where Soupie chose to have her kittens. This was only discovered when we noticed Sarah bringing her kittens into the kitchen (when they were restricted to the bedroom by my boss, who instructed us to immediately take them back, his response being "what on earth is she doing bringing her kittens in there?").

Now, Sarah is a very loving, very attentive mama, so we didn't understand why on earth she was taking her kittens out of their safe haven...that is, until we took them all back into their "room" and my husband called out, "there's one more!!" In response to this, I sprinted into the kitchen, only to find little Sunny, newly born, crawling around the floor (her doing this even left a permanent stain, from the blood, on his kitchen hardwood floor) and mewing. (We figured out later on that Sarah was bringing her babies out with Soupie's so she could take care of all of them together. We also later found her nursing Soupie's babies because Soupie refused to do so herself. Sarah was loving mama to all!)

Anyway, soonafter we found Mama Soupie hiding out inside the bottom of the chair, having her little babies. So, we were there literally from the beginning, and both of our babies have viewed us as their parents ever since.

I often tell people that Sunny chose me, not the other way around, and Hobbes came along due to their beautiful sibling bond. I wasn't really interested in taking home a male cat (due to their tendancy to spray, even occassionally after getting fixed), but in seeing the two of them together, I couldn't separate them.

I felt a connection to Sunny right from the start. She's a very strong, very intelligent kitty that never fails to blow my mind at the things she figures out. She tries very hard to communicate with me, even trying to say mama in her meows when she sees me (I know it sounds odd, but she only does that meow when she greets me, and it literally sounds VERY much like "mama"). They are Egyptian Mau mixes, so their very sweet, personable, and very vocal at times.

Sunny, as I said, is very smart, very cunning, mischevious, and a VERY good jumper. Whereas Hobbes tends to be the opposite...not that bright (but it's very endearing and adorable...just adds to his charm), gets caught in mischief CONSTANTLY, and very clumsy. They both, equally, just constantly steal my heart.

Sunny looks exactly like a bronze Egyptian Mau (but with finer, softer fur), and Hobbes looks like a silver of the same breed, but with perfect white in the form of two large diamonds on his belly (the front one extending to his chin) and socks on all four paws, the front socks ending just at the bend in the paw when he's standing, and the back going up to mid-thigh (with a splotch of the rest of his spotted silver & black fur on one hind white leg). This makes for two very beautiful kitties!

Both our feline friends are wonderful, caring, amazingly loving, and have the typical fierce protectiveness of Egyptian Maus, both for each other and for us. These two sweeties made the perfect completion to our family when we brought them home at just over four weeks old. We look forward to living our lives with them in the years ahead! We love our kitties!!
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Welcome to the site! Sunny and Hobbes sound like wonderful kitties.
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Hi Welcome to TCS! I hope you will be posting pics of Sunny and Hobbes soon! They sound really cute!
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Welcome, maherwoman! Hope you can post pictures of those wonderful siblings!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Thank you very much, all! I'm looking forward to posting on here, and talking to my fellow kitty-lovers! :oD
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi and Welcome
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TCS

what a marvellous introduction to Sunny & Hobbes - I feel like I know a little about them now - thankyou they sure do sound like amazing special kitties
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!
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