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Using my 500th post to ask for vibes!!!!!!!!!

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Kitters is going in for a spay tomorrow. Saturday she was acting funny, slept a lot longer than normal, but was eating fine and drinking water regularly. Sunday she had a little vaginal drainage, still eating and drinking. Couldn't get anyone to try to get her anywhere due to the holiday! Which made me cry a lot! Monday she was acting completely normal, no discharge or anything. Tuesday 7am I called and was able to get her in on Wednesday (today). Took her today. She had bloodwork (she had to get a little shave on her neck) and x-rays, and a whole check-up! Doesn't look to be pyometra, her uterus isn't enlarged at all but she does have something that seems to be pushing her intestines up a little. She is going in tomorrow at 10am for her spay. Hopeing it's still not pyometra. She's also on an antibiotic.

She made me so sad because she hate's the car and cries when we move. I think she thinks I am going to throw her out like the A-holes who threw her out when I got her!..... She almost had me in tears.

I've never not had her here and she's going to be gone ALLLLL day tomorrow and overnight!!!!

Need vibes for Kitters and me....

Here's her little shaved neck, pushing though the pain!

sorry about the color on the side, hiding the mess from the holiday!
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All the Gairns Kitties and I are sending you and your kitters lots and lots of good vibes and big hugs too...
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Prayers & positive healing thoughts are coming Kitters way.
I hope you get some rest tomorrow...good luck sweet baby Kitters
Congrats on your 500th post...keep us updated about Kitters condition.
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Lots of good vibes from me and the gang!
But to make you feel better, my babies also make lots of noise in car rides. They're quite a bunch of backseat drivers.
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Rufie , lukey I I will be think of Kitters and you and know everything will be fine.

Beaucoup huggs.
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Lots of purrs and good vibes for you and Kitters from all of my gang of 2 +1 and me
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Lots of good luck and healthy vibes coming across for the poor baby
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Lots of Healthy and Calming }}}VIBES{{{ coming you way!
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awwwww Kitters - your mum is looking after you so dont worry

sending lots & lots & lots of vibes your way from across the ocean

keep us updated and take a deep breath my friend - its all going to be fine
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Dropped her off this morning.... it's driving me crazy already... I've only cried a little though. Trying to be strong. She seemed more mad at me that she didn't have any food though. Kept waking me up to tell me her dish was empty. She's a late night grazer! I miss her already...... I get to call after two to see how she is.... Time woke tick fast enough for me! Thanks for everyones vibes... I know they are helping me, I just hope they help her too!!!!
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Don't worry, Kitters will be back home with you soon! Maybe if she's okay at two o'clock, you can go and pick her up! (I was able to do this with Molly!)

Sending lots of calming }}}VIBES{{{ your way and get ready to come home quickly }}}VIBES{{{ to Kitters!
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Lots of good vibes coming from me and my gang!!
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Good vibes coming your way from me, Pete and the girls.
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I'm sending vibes kitter's way.
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Sending ((((((((good Vibes))))))) for a good Spay and good Recovery...
you´re on my thoughts and Kitters is in my prayers today...
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Strong healing vibes for Kitters and calming vibes for you. I'm praying that everything will be ok. Congrats on your 500th post.
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Many good vibes going to you from me and the girls.
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Well, I called at 2pm and she's doing good!!! She didn't have pyometra but she did have some cysts on her ovaries. So I am very very glad that we got her spayed. They are running a urinalysis now to see if she has a unrinary tract infection which would cause the vaginal leakage that she had. The doctor did ask me if she had ever gone through a time of not eating much. She hasn't, she's never been a really big eater. She does eat a whole bowl of food everyday. (Should she be eating more?) I am thinking of getting her some more moist food or something of the like. She doesn't eat very much of it and it goes to waste, but I'll try some things to find out what she'll eat more of. She is a petite one, not abnormaly or underweight or anything, just smaller framed and everything. I love her though!!!! I am so glad that she is doing fine, and I probably could have picked her up tonight but I don't get out of work until 8pm and with BF not having a vehicle... It would have been rough on her having to go home in someone else car seeing as how she HATES the car already!! I think it's best for her to stay there tonight, they can take good care of her. Get her some much needed rest and then the loving's come on tomorrow. Not too much though, we're going to be really gentle with her. My mood picked up as soon as I heard she was ok! I have been a real boar to be around the last few days and I know it!

Just wanted to say to everyone:

For everyone supporting me and Kitter's, all your kind thoughts, and good wishes and vibes!! I really do appreciate it!!!
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It's so hard to be separated from our babies, isnt' it? So glad all is well.
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yes it is.... thank you!
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Glad to hear everything is good. Give her a smooch from me.
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SHe is home now and what a bundle of spunk. She has so much energy. I am trying to keep her mellow though so she doesn't irritate her little belly. She looks absolutly tiny though. Can't wait to give her some food at water later tonight. Everyone told me that she would sleep a lot. I can hardly get her to sit still...!!!! Is that normal? I just love her though, she did such a good job and stayed strong. I'll post pics up in Fur Pic Only later tonight to show you how she's doing and her little shaved belly!!!
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Yay! that´s are good news!! ....
Go Kitters Go! your lovely mommie surely going to spoil to you sooooo deep! ...
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