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Smudge decided to groom me tonight - licked the eyebrows and bit my hair. It didn't hurt or anything, but I'm wondering if this is something I should discourage? Is it a dominance thing, or just an affection thing?
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sooo cute!
my cat has been licking me lots lately too. don't quite understand why - she gets such a serious look on her face when she does it too! i don't have the heart to turn my face away....
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If it hurts you, I would definitely discourage it. Sounds like he/she just wanted to have a special moment with you. If Smudge is a kitten, you do have the distinct advantage of being able to discourage him/her from doing this, if it bothers you. Our male cat, Hobbes, likes to lick our hair (and at times eat it) when it's wet, and we do discourage him from EATING it, but licking is fine. It's all up to you what you're comfortable with. It's harmless.
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If it doesn't hurt you or annoy you in any way then I wouldn't discourage it. Maybe its his way of spending more time with you? But like they said above ^, if he's a kitten and you don't like it, you can still discourage it at that age. I hope I helped.
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I almost changed Bakker's name to Licker!!! It will lick arm,legs, hands, face etc...
When I pick him up he will lick, he licks when laying by me or DH too!!
That's just what he likes to do.
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