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Cat Tree Plans

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Anyone have any great plans for a cat tree? I really would like one for Emmett, but all the ones I find in the pet stores are $250 and up. I was thinking if I can get a plan I might be able to talk my dad into making one for Em and it would be a lot cheaper.

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I know a few people here have made their own cat trees, which have turned out to look fantastic.

Cindy (Rosehawke) built one and the end result was awesome and I believe Lacey (LaceyDF) and her boyfriend made their own as well, which looked great.
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TCS has a few more CD's available- contact me if you are interested in purchasing one-
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My dad made this one for us. He designed it himself.

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While searching for cat trees on ebay.. I noticed someone was selling a cat tree plan book for just a couple of bucks..
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I just won a cat tree (after my billionth try) on Ebay and it cost $53- shipping included. That could be an option in case you aren't feeling handy. I'm not good with making things! I think you can make one yourself for around $50, after buying the supplies. I've seen a couple of threads where people have posted their homemade cat trees- one member even posted the progress of her tree. Maybe do a search for "cat trees" in the catsite search option.

Armarkat is the seller that I bid from- http://stores.ebay.com/Armarkat-Cat-Furniture-Store
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I got Katie's Cat Tree for $100 at a Cat show. Katie loves it!

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i built this cat tree (with a little help from my friends) for about $60 CDN. The plans are available free on the internet. If you google free cat tree plans it should come up...i will try and find the link to post anyway.
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Great cat trees guys!!!
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