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My Dream Cat

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I think I have found my dream cat. I won't get one until the cats I have are gone but I looked thru the cat fancier website and fell in love with these two breeds of cats. I LOVE the spots on them.

Click on the link below to see a picture and description.

Egyptian Mau

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I have always wanted an Egyptian Mau aswell, my old cat and my new kitten I think are mixed with Mau or Bengal.

My boyfriend actually has an Ocicat. This cat is about 1 year, and is the calmest cat i have ever met, he will let you do anything to him, and he loves water! The Ocicats have a real regal look to them, i love it!
This is Giles our Ocicat...


This is Tristan my old cat, not a very good pic, but we think she was mixed with Mau or Bengal.
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I have one of each.

Also a Bengal and a Chausie. They are all cool cats, but I like the Bengal http://public.fotki.com/bobbie0253/r.../dsc_4901.html and Chausie http://public.fotki.com/bobbie0253/r.../dsc_5148.html over the Ocicat and Mau.

My Ocicat is sweet, but not much of a people cat. http://public.fotki.com/bobbie0253/r.../dsc_3096.html

The Mau is sweet, lovable and friendly, but VERY lazy. He just eats and sleeps. He has really soft fur and some awesome spots though. He also looks so exotic when he walks around the house. http://public.fotki.com/bobbie0253/r.../dsc_4090.html

I love all breeds, by the high energy ones are my favorites. My Mau is pretty smart when he wants to be though. My Ocicat is the only one who plays fetch. The Bengal and Chausie LOVE water. The Mau loves food....LOL

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