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more then one kitten?

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I just got a kitten about a month ago, he's now almost three months old. I was reading this website and noticed that most of you have more then one cat. I think kenny might need someone to keep him company. Should I get another kitten before he gets used to being alone? I don't want him to act weird if we get another kitten later on. What do you think?
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nobodys replying...maybe this isn't the right place for this
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It is always nice for cats to get buddies. No matter when you choose to get one however, you will have to introduce them slowly and carefully. As to how hard it is now versus later, I think that's sort of up to Kenny.
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I am by no means an expert like many on here, but I got two kittens about 6 weeks ago. They are brother and sister and I can't imagine I could either as entertained as they keep each other. They are brother and sister and do a lot of cuddling and playing. I am not sure two is much more work thant one. So I would say get a second one. There is twice as much love to give and get!
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I think its a great idea to have a buddy for you kitty. I find it is good to keep each other company also for exercise and well being, If you baby has a buddy he will run and play more which is fun for them and good exercise and companionship
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I adopted Izzie so that Charlotte would have a playmate other than myself. Charlotte seems happy to have another little creature her size to chase, wrestle, and stalk!! They get along very well and I do recommend getting a companion for your kitten unless your kitten doesn't seem to like other cats. There are a few members at TCS who only have one cat because their cat is territorial and doesn't tolerate other cats well.
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You need to be patient! Sometimes folks will miss a note - goodness knows I do, and there are fluctuations in the number of people on the forums at any one time.

I don't think it is depends on your kitten, how much you are home with him. If you think he'd benefit by a companion, yes, I'd do it now..just be exquisitely careful where you get this next kitten - be sure it's healthy, not bringing in worms that your fellow will get (i.e. round worms and a shared box is a prescription for shared worms), or an upper respiratory.

Usually, I'd advise anyone bringing in a new cat to isolate it for 3 weeks!

Don't worry, others will come along and give their opinions
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KaTwOmAn - I tried to respond to your PM, but your inbox is full. When I tried to send e-mail, I received a message that you have chosen not to receive e-mail. I do have a response for you if you're interested. Thanks.
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Who can have just one.
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Pat had great advice, she is wiser about kittens than I am .. but two is company proving Kenny is not like my Kandie ... This is my second go around with attempting another cat with Kandie age 17... at her age she still hisses at my "big Kitten " Zoey but it is playful since she didnt learn good social skill...

BEFORE thinking this second kitty idea read the articles on bringing home a new kitty
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When I got my first cat I always thought he would be happier with a buddy so i got him one I would advise you to get a girl though. Thats if your kitten is altered already...
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As my dear friend says jokingly "Oh go ahead and get two. They are small and fold easily." *grin*
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I think it sounds like a great idea to get him a friend! As far as introducing them, try at first just putting them in the house together. You won't want to put them in each other's faces, or anything...let your first friend come out on his own to meet the new one. In the time it takes him to come out, your new friend might have a chance to investigate the space a little.

Now, before you bring your new friend home, be sure to have a second litterbox (keep it away from your current feline to be sure your new friend won't reject it because it already contains the scent of a different cat) and a separate supply of food and water set up in the bathroom just in case. That way, when they meet, if you find they aren't getting along (if you see them starting to fight, or some such), put your new guy in the bathroom, where they'll get the chance to sniff each other under the door.

After a couple days (could be as much as a week, though), you'll notice them playing together under the door, and very eager to meet one another. At that point, guardingly let out your new friend to meet your current one, and watch them pretty closely for a couple hours, being sure to encourage your current friend and letting him know you are thinking about him and love him.

I hope this helps!! Be sure to spend plenty time with your new friend before you bring him or her home, to be sure they are personable and friendly. There's nothing worse then bringing home a cat you haven't gotten a chance to know, and finding they're not all that friendly.
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I took the liberty of merging the two threads you had started on this topic. In the future, please remember that this is not a chat board where someone is around 24/7/365 to answer right away and try not to post duplicate threads in the various Forums.

Thanks in advance,

GayeF, Forums Moderator
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