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Is anyone who lives in Ohio interested in a female Bengal cat?

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My shelter received a Bengal and she is absolutely beautiful and very very sweet. The problem is that she meows louder then any cat I have ever heard in my life. A lot of people stop to admire her beauty but then hear her talk and assume she is mean, despite signs up saying how sweet she is. She is around a year old and is spayed of course. She walks well on a leash and loves it. She likes to chase after toads in the grass and climb through tall trees. I kind of look out for her at the shelter and I am afraid she will keep getting passed up or adopted and returned. She already was once because of the meowing. Everyone at the shelter is saying she hates other cats but I think she just talks louder when near others. I think she would be fine with a companion, but perhaps just one, not a whole house full of other animals. No one whats to figure it out at the shelter cuz they don't want any cat fights but I have let her sniff other cats face to face and she meows loud but makes no effort to harm them. Kittens on the other hand, I think they would annoy her.

Go here to see her picture:

There is a great picture there of her markings. Oh and she is missing a fang so it looks like she is snarling sometimes. I think it is adorable.

If anyone is interested in her and lives in Ohio, let me know. She needs a great forever home. You would have to come to Ravenna, OH to pay for her ($75 is the shelter fee) and pick her up.
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I would love to take her, but our lease says no more cats! However, I once took a stray bengal to these nice folks-


The Great Lakes Bengal Rescue includes Ohio. They are absolutely wonderful and will foster bengals until they find a home for them. The beautiful boy (also very talkative) that I found was placed for adoption within a week of them taking him in. They will neuter and microchip all cats prior to adoption. They are very strict with who they let adopt, so you can feel safe with them. I wasn't able to keep the bengal I found because one of my cats had just died from leukemia and I was afraid my other cat might pass it on to the stray.
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Oh great thanks, I will ask my shelter manager if I can call them.
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Awww, so cute! Hopefully she will find the right home soon! I miss my Beau (RB) he was a talkative Siamese.

Curious, can she hear and see well?
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Oh man if I wasn't closer to OH. I miss my talky Sheba.
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As far as I can tell she can hear, as for seeing, she never misses a thing! She likes to sit under a bush (on her leash) and stalk bugs and watch the birds. She is such a wonderful cat!
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Aw Snickers is a cutie and I love her name!
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awwwwww she is adorable

I hope you find her a forever home real soon - let us know when you do

if only there wasnt a huge ocean seperating us !!!
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I wish I was closer - I love Bengals. I have a Siamese and am fostering (for a friend who is extremely ill) two Sphynx kitties.
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I live in OH, but I couldn't have a cat like that. I live in apartment with not very good noise control. My neighbors would kill me.
Apparently, there are medications for that sort of thing-excessive mewoing. She is a very pretty cat, though.
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aw! A beautiful cat! I really hope you find a home for her soon! I am sure you will though. Please keep us updated!
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