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Todays radio question: 07/06/50

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Are you one of those people that saves and reuses things, like grocery bags, twist ties, etc?
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Grocery bags yes, we have a cupboard full of them. But it's for scooping, you understand.
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yes i am
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I do save the store bags...the paper to put paper recycles in and the plastic for dumping stinking cat litter!!!
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I do or it goes in the recycle bin - I cannot stand waste of materials I know will take forever to break down.
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Oh, and Susie... I see we've jumped 45 years. Funny that, eh?!
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Oh my gosh Linda, I didn't even notice! What is wrong with me????
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Oh my gosh Linda, I didn't even notice! What is wrong with me????
I should be asking that about me. I never notice stuff like that until someone else points it out (like Ryan)!

I tell ya though, I *feel* about 45 years older today!
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If I can save something and use it again, I certainly will.
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grocery bags yes.. also one of the stores we grocery shop in cells plastic clear containers with yellow and red containers full of crackers. So I save them and use them for noodles, rice, wheat, icing sugar and what ever else I can think of instead of throwing them out, They are decorative so I can keep them out on the counter as well.
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BF is a huge pack rat.... so everything is kept and mostly reused!!!!!
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plastic grocery bags = used litter disposal aka toxic waste disposal

Our community has a pretty good curbside recycling program. All boxes, junk mail, plastic containers & soda cans go in the blue bin for pick up.
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I save what I can to reuse, but I'm sorry to admit that we do make a lot of trash.

But I go with what you all have said about plastic bags...that's for kitty litter!
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Oh, yes, absolutely. It's ingrained - my mother and grandmother do it too.
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I do! But I actually take my own 'Bags For Life' or my shopper when I go shopping, so I rarely take the plastic ones!

I will keep the good plastic containers from take-aways and such, as they make good freezer containers!

Anything else that can be recycled/reused does so - in my artwork or in the recycling bin!
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I reuse plastic bags litter scoopings! Surprise there, eh. Paper bags are reused for mailing off packages..and at Christmas time I use the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls to place candy in, wrap up and hang around the house for decoration.
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We save plastic bags and newspapers. The plastic bags are for carting things around and the newspapers are to put under litter trays.
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No but my boyfriend is, so be default I have become one. but only when he's around!!
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I also use plastic bags when I clean the litter box. I reuse some things, but not everything.
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Grocery bags for sure. For garbage, for kitty litter, for assorted uses, including I keep a bag of the sizes and shapes that I don't use and take them to my mother-in-law whenever we go visit -- she walks her dog with a bunch of other people in a field near her place, and there's usually a bag or two of "doggy poo bags" hanging on the fence for people to use for scooping.

Twist ties -- yup. As long as they still twist, they still tie!

Plastic produce bags for assorted uses, including bread products that arrive in paper.

I'd love to save the liners of cereal boxes, too, but don't have enough uses to spare them the space.

What doesn't get reused, mostly can be recycled.
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