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Holly went for her spay this morning and is now home, safe-n-sound.

She seems quite exhausted from the ordeal, 3 hrs after we got home. I had wanted to keep her away from Mika (he loves to pounce on her) in the spare room, but since she never goes in there (it's closed off) she didn't like it.

She came out and made her way into the office, and looked up longingly at her favorite cat tree perch... so I picked her up & put her on it, and she's been napping there for a while. I'm watching closely for signs that she wants down so she doesn't strain anything by jumping. I'm almost afraid to touch her! A moment ago, while I was checking on her, she woke up & stood up real fast... then froze as if to say, "OW, okay, that hurts"... it took her a moment to lie back down, poor kiddo!!!

The first thing they said was not to let her lick her stitches... and what's the first thing she did . It was just that once, I believe... but then she seems too tuckered out to bother right now. Should I be worried about making her a cardboard collar for when we're not home to keep her from doing it tomorrow?

Since She & Mika's shared food/water/litter pan are in our bedroom & that's where she feels safest, I think I'll set Mika up his own kitty station somewhere else so I can shut him out tomorrow while we're at work. I've had to shoo him away from her a couple of times already since he loves to bother her until she gets mad and slaps him. What a pest!

Anything else I should remember?

Poor little Holly Berry! She needs good vibes!