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Since the year is closing.........

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Looking back on The Cat Site 2001 what memories do you have, and what do you remember that you might want to share?
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I've met some wonderful people via The Cat Site this past year. (I'll not name names, for fear of leaving someone off the list due to a senior moment.) And the Secret Santa idea of yours was excellent! Of course, there were the inevitable tugs-of-war; but those are more than overshadowed by all the kindness and love manifested for our beloved feline friends.



Below: My inter-net buddy Alyssa's cat Dubby (they live in Texas).
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I have also made some great friends here. And the weatlh of knowledge and information is unbelievable. The people here helped me thru Sunshine's "surprise" pregnancy from the pet shop, the birth of 5 great kittens, finding good homes for them, numerous health and behavior issues, and in the end, they tragically helped me thru the loss of Simon.

I think TCS is one of the best sites I've ever found, and I intend on sticking around for a long time. So to all of you who have helped me since July, THANK YOU!!!!
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Without the Cstsite I would not have gained the knowledge I needed to help Goldie and her two litters of kittens.
I have come to appreciate the beauty in our differences, and the stamina the people here continue to express in their efforts to be good cat-parents and help those less fortunate.
Some of the stories that I have read have made me cry tears of sorrow for the loss and the cruely that humans can express towards God's creatures, but then theere are the moments of joy that come across
with boundless energy that jump off the pages!

I marvel at the knowledge some of the members express!

AND......I learned about the old "Hissy Grab" and will be forever grateful that I know about it!

Meow to you all!
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I'm so thankful I stumbled across the Cat Site the day I found four tiny kittens motherless in my neighbors barn. Because of the awesome advice I got, the kitten I decided to bring back from the Vets office, Missy, survived and is a very happy and healthy four month old kitten now. I had never raised a newborn kitten before and you all were so supportive when I'd have a concern or was just plain frustrated. I've learned so much in general about cat health and behavior just by reading all of your posts. I think all of my cats are better off because of this Site simply because day by day I'm learning whats best for them and getting new ideas on how to keep them entertained. Also, because of listening to sound advice from you guys, my cats are inside only kitties. Its not something thats done in my tiny town, cats are all free to wander, so I followed suit. Now I don't have to worry about them getting hit by cars or getting into fights. My kitties thank you for that too

It wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the fact that not only have I met some very interesting people with different backgrounds and outlooks, but I've made some very deep and lasting friendships as a result of being here. I'm so blessed to have met the people I have. With any luck, these people will be a part of my life forever. Love you guys!!!

Anne...I just want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to keep a site as great as this one up and running, and for keeping it a friendly place to visit. I bet you never thought in the early stages that it could ever get to this magnitude and that it could touch peoples lives in such a personal way. Good job :rainbow:
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I have learned that the people on here are as diverse as their cats. I have learned from the experts, and the novices by reading the posts and hearing the stories. I remember when the catsite was so busy there were new posts by the hours and the community was learning and growing together. I have learned to curb my passion when it comes to posting, because words sometimes hurt even when you don't mean them to. I am impressed with the stamina of many here, and I know that this year would of been a lot rougher for me had you all not been here as a diversion for what was ailing me.

I have learned that when I am in real trouble and I speak out about it, that there is a wealth of information here and people who reach out to help. I have made what I hope are lasting friends here, and those people know who they are and I embrace and thank them. I thank those (who also know who they are) who have sent items to help me out with my animal rescue. I will always be so grateful.

I know that all of us have our differences, our cultures dictate us to think in ways foreign to the rest, but this is by far the best cat board on the Internet, and I thank Anne for all her endeavors to keep it up and running. You all are the best and I hope that I continue to grow here and share here and learn here. I am glad this thread did take off.
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This past year, I have learned alot about myself, my cats, my family and my friends (and people disguised as my friends). I have become a stronger, better person who is now able to stand on her own two feet without being told what to do, where or how to do it. It has also taught me about what is important in life and what is not.

I have met some wonderful people on this site (you guys know who you are) who have stood by me. They have been there for me rather than kick me when I was down, without criticism. They know what the true meaning of loyalty is and have remained loyal regardless. They know me for who and what I am, and not what purpose I can serve and love me just the same. That is true friendship.

I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I also want to thank Anne for this site, it's wealth of knowledge, and how it brings people, who have one or many things in common together.

Happy New Year!
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I have to echo what everyone has said so far. I have met the best group of people I could ever imagine thanks to this Site. I know I have said this before, but I will reinerate for the sake of new members;(and because I am old and partially senile, you will have to humor me. . . ) I came to this site in March of this year; hoping to find a long-lost friend and former roommate. I hoped that, being a cat lover; she might belong here or at least read the posts. Well, I never "hooked up" with JoAnne, but I found so much more! Things happen for a reason and it was time for me to meet some of the "Best Friends" I have ever known ! Like Mr. Cat said, you know who you are; so I won't name names. Maybe one day JoAnne will stumble across this site, but even if not; what a Great Day it was when I found it ! Thanks to Anne and all of you for the many hours of joy I have spent here and for the many, many more I intend to spend in 2002. I wish I could hug each and every one of you!

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I have to say the same thing that everyone else has said .... I've really enjoyed this site very much! I couldn't find a better one than this one, and Anne, keep up the great work! I remember when I first joined & I asked about those 2 5 week old so-calle Russian Blue kittens ...... Well, I must say I am happy we didn't get them, because Gizmo & Scooter are the best behaved little boys, as well as our other 3 gals!

Happy New Year to All!
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1st & foremost I have to thank Anne for such a wonderful site! When Suggie was having all of her anti-social behaviours & I didn't know what to do I did a search on the web for cat info. I found this site to be the most helpful and the most supportive. I have always been leary of posting on the web and of "chatting", but I have found wonderful friends here & even though we are all different we are drawn together by our mutual love of cats! I look forward to many more posts & becoming closer with my fellow postees!
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This year has gone by so fast..I want to thank Anne for bringing this site to us.
When I came to this site I was looking for information on cat behavior. My Nomar was doing a number on me and I couldn't quite figure out why..People responded and enlightened me on why cats do the things they do!
Though I still continued to visit the site and read the Threads. It sadden me on some of the discord that went on. I have met wonderful people and made friends. I don't need to say "they know who they are"

With 2002 just around the bend, I hope The Cat Site continues to enrich peoples lives.
We should be thankful our cats are not the moderators.

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I can't bring myself to repeat all the mushiness.

The things I remember most are the things that made me laugh out loud. A couple that come to mind are the "coffee talk" thread a few of us had with Sandie one Saturday night late, that infamous shaving thread, the running joke of the Wonder Bed, to name a few.

I'll close out the year by saying that I'll be in the kitchen making coffee. To those of you that get that reference, I hope to continue to see you here next year, as we stumble through another year.

Break out the SPAM, it's a new year!

2001 in Smilies to Remember

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You brought up a lot of stuff that I forgot! Spam, cheese whiz, nads, etc.

The day we all found out we were homecoming queens.....

Getting indignant over bonsai kitty half a dozen times

coffee talk (thanks for the reminder Deb)

gratuitious buffy pics (now I'm hooked Joe!)

lenghthy discussions about reality tv programming

the people that have transcended the internet, into my real life

and the discussions that keeps it interesting....

which reminds me of another TCS moment, blue sparking a huge debate about the topics dicussed but not being around to take part

oh ya, and lilyroses abrupt and unexplained exit we never did solve that mystery.
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Did someone mention . . .

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Since I've only *just* registered in November, I don't have all the great memories most of you have... I DO, however, have some new friends already, and look forward to making so many more. I thank you all for being so accepting of us 'newbies' and 'semi-newbies'.

A special thanks to Anne for the work she puts into this site! It is an amazing wealth of information ~ and I thought I knew so much! It turns out I didn't know HALF of what I thought I did!

Here's to looking forward to making new friends, and strengthening existing friendships in 2002!
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You know, I have a Monty Python sketch running through my head right now. Something about a lady trying to order in a restaurant "You could have the Spam, eggs, toast, coffee, and Spam; not much must Spam in that." And a bunch of Vikings at another table singing "Spam spam spam spam, Spam spam spam spam, Spam! Spammity Spam". I think it all leads into the Lumberjack Song ("I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay") but it's been a while so I might have forgotten. I have no idea what Spam means to the rest of you, just a stray memory I can't get out of my head.

The kindness of people at this site, who I barely know, is just overwhelming. At the risk of sounding like one of those old Bartles and Jaymes commercials - you remember from the 80's with the two old guys on the porch hawking wine coolers - I keep coming back to one idea: Thank you for your support!
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Well, my sentiments about this site, pretty much echo what the others have already said.
I have gotten some great advice about my cats, and have learned alot about the cats and about the people who own them. I have also met many wonderful people here, and have made several close friendships that have went far beyond the catsite, and I will cherish them forever.

Anne....I also want to add my thanks to you, for all your hard work, and in keeping this site going....you are truly amazing....and we love you!!!
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