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Kitty Karma

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So the kittens are about nine weeks old now, and one of 'em acts just like his dad, Ozzy, who takes great delight in tormenting other cats. It's hilarious to see the little guy corner Ozzy and chase him until he basically begs for mercy. Even funnier, we have four adult (well, Ozzy is almost an adult) cats, and Ozzy is the only one this little guy chases.

What goes around ...

Anyone else notice patterns of behavior that seem to be passed from mom or dad cat to kitten?
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Tonka, my big Blue Point boy, LOVES dipping his paws in water, he gets into the shower with my husband (for some reason he doesn't come in there when I am showering though - guess he thinks I should have my privacy *snort*), and if there is water running in ANY part of the house, he makes a bee-line straight for it, even if he is in a dead-coma sleep! I jokingly asked his breeder if he had any water dog in his pedigree.

Well, fast forward ... I got a call recently from one of my kitten buyers who took Tonka's clone (a blue point male kitten from Tonka's breeding with my queen Lexus) and what do you think she told me??? Ivan (the kitten) LOVES playing in or with water!

So, there you have it!

These funny little beasts ... what would we do without them? *sigh*

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I've definitely seen it before. Thank god it didn't happen with ours, though. Our little one's mama wasn't the friendliest. She was one of those that complained CONSTANTLY and was just NOT happy...no matter what you did for her. Her owners eventually got so frustrated, they switched her to be an outdoor cat.

Our kitties, from her litter, however, are WONDERFUL, sweet, loving, caring...just the opposite of their mama.
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