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Not my cats, but my horse

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My beautiful girl Rose died on Monday.
She was 38, which the horsey people here know is ancient. She has been more my parents horse since I finished college. it probably would have been easier for them to sell her, but my mom had grown too attached by that time.

We all knew it was coming, she got really skinny last summer. Honestly, I'm surprised she made it through the winter. About a month ago, she flipped over on her side and didn't get up for 10 minutes, then struggled a little.
Last weekend, my mom called to tell me she was getting worse--not eating, having trouble breathing.

On Monday, my dad went to feed her, she was lying in her stall. She struggled to get up, then collapsed on her feed box.

She was my good friend throughout high school, and she was always very sweet. After riding, when I was cooling her down, she would often stop and put her head against my arm or my chest. Most times I didn't need a lead rope, she just followed me.

When I rode her, she showed spirit, but if one of my less experienced friends rode her, she was very calm and good. The same if I had any younger children on with me.

I will miss her, but I know she is waiting for me at the Bridge, and we'll have many more adventures one day.
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Oh Brenda,

My heart aches for you for this tremendous loss. I know that you miss her, and it will be some time before you stop looking for her in the pasture. She is running the tops of the trees in the wind over your house. She is the brightest star in the constellation of the night sky. She is flying over the moon and she is waiting for you to take that one last glorious ride. You had her a very long time. Being her only owner, speaks volumes about the type of care you gave her. You didn't pass her off when she was ill to someone else down the road who wouldn't suspect she was ill when she started to fail. No horse could ask for a better life- I will go out tonight to feed and hug my horses on your behalf and light a bridge candle for this beautiful creature.
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Thanks for your kind words, MA. I really have to give my mom and dad credit for taking care of her long after I moved out. I get my love of animals in general from my mom, and horses from my dad, so I guess it's no surprise they kept her.

Here are a few pictures from better days.

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What a beautiful girl! I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard to lose both a dear friend and a piece of your childhood. Condolences!
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Sorry to hear about your loss. She is a pretty girl..
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I am so sorry for you. She must have been really loved and cared for to reach the amazing age of 38, and obviously had a very good life. RIP Rose
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Rose was sooo beautiful! Losing a loved one at any age is devastating but Rose was a member of your family for a very long time! I am saddened for your loss.

I'll say a prayer for your family and for Rose
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am so sorry for your loss, she is truly beautiful. To get to such a good age shows the brilliant care you and your parents gave her, and that you didnt give up on her when she was too old to do things - there is a sanctuary near me that have a lot of older horses as their owners dont want them when they are no longer 'useful', want a younger model and cant afford both.
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She's absolutely beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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My heart goes out to you. It is never easy to loose any animal. And horses are certainly kindred and hard to loose. Its never easy even when you know it is coming. From one horsey person to another. you have my blessings, and my prayers. And you are right, she will be awaiting you in all her splendid glory on the other side of the bridge. Truly a beautiful girl.
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Oh poor sweet Rose - she was certainly well-loved to stay in this world with you for 38 years.
You're in my thoughts.
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My condolences on losing Rose! My horses lived to be 38 & 36. Kessler was bitten by a black widow spider on the nose one spring, and had periodic seizures; I was given a paste to help control them, but one time he fell on a fence post & shattered it, injuring his shoulder & he had to be put down. Tinker had a stroke when I was in Michigan; she died alone without me, waiting for the vet. So now Rose can join Tink & Kessler over the Bridge, in the TCS herd, where our TCS cats can hang out with the horses & dogs, and wait for us together...
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Aw Brenda. I never knew you had a horse. She was beautiful. I feel for you.

You're in my thoughts. RIP Rose.
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