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The one thing that can ruin the holidays

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My Grandmother lives alone, with her cat at an apartment complex across town from us. On December 9th, a freak accident happened (we think electrical), and her house caught on fire. She was dragged out of the house minutes later by the police, but we didn't find the cat. We suspect she didn't escape the fire, because she was looking for her cat inside.

I hope I'm not giving anyone the wrong impression here; my grandmother is still alive and putting up one HECK of a fight in the hosptial, fighting off both a Staph infection and Pneumonia. (she's 87)

After they put the fire out, and the firemen checked her house over, they concluded that there was no remains of a cat in there. They checked everywhere -- including places where a cat might hide (under bed, couch) That was about 2 weeks ago.

Since then, we have placed Ads on TV, and word has gotten around that a cat is missing. And there were also reports that a similar cat was coming back to the apartment complex late at night. But because of the cold weather and harsh conditions (there's forest behind her house, and coyotes too) we had given up hope, because he's 13 and an inside cat. But he's one heck of a fighter, and his nails are about 3 inches long.

But, a genuine post-Christmas miracle happened not even 2 days ago. The TV advertising worked; and it turns out that the cat has been staying with an old woman since Christmas day!! We had about given up... but he's pretty thin, looks like he got in a fight, and also has half his whiskers missing. Was it from fire? But we're happy to have him back; he's staying with his former owner. (the last time I posted was about how he found his new home, I beleive)

Anyway, I have had a hard time dealing with this all. I'm only 15, and I've been emotionally crippled for the last 2 weeks. It's almost impossible to deal with this, because my grandmother's house is totally gone, and probably will get torn down soon. That place was a second home to me too; I used to ride my bike over there all the time, especially last summer. It really makes me appreciate things now.

Well, thanks for listening, everyone. I thought I'd post this here because even though all of you don't really know me, you're all cat-lovers and maybe could understand the uncertainty and fear I felt until we found him.
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I know that you are thankful that your Grandmother is such a fighter. It will help her heart to keep fighting now that she knows her cat has come home. What a wonderful story to share during this holiday season. The whiskers will grow back slowly, but they will grow back, in the dark the kitty may be bumping into things, because the whiskers are used to gauge depth and to measure distance around them. Thank you for coming here and sharing this story. I hope your Grandmother will be out of the hospital by New Year's.
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How very upsetting the last few days must have been for you!

But it sounds like your Grandma is doing okay, and I'm sure she was very relieved to know you found her cat.
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That's a lot for someone of any age to handle. I am so glad your grand mother is still fighting and her cat is back. You seem to be an intelligent, well spoken 15 year old. In time I think you will be just fine. Best wishes on the New Year. I hope it is a good one!
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Chris :angel2:

What a miracle!!! I bet your Grandmother is so happy that he's been found. I'm sorry to hear about such an incident like that, but I'm sure God has better plans ahead for your family. Keep the Faith.

Please post, we're here for you

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Chris - that is a story that would warm a heart on any given day of the year. Your Gram is one fortunate person to have a grandaughter such as you! You have done a great job! Houses and personal possessions are just things. You got the two most valuable thing out of the house fire - your Gram and her kitty!
May God heal her quickly!
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I just read your post. I am sorry to hear what happened..When I was 16 we had a fire and our home was totally destroyed...It was two weeks before Christmas. Both my mom and I had been napping and I heard a knock on the door..I woke up only to find no one was at the door. Nobody outside, just a quiet afternoon...I decided to stay up and then my mom woke up... 45 mins. later a fireman was pounding on the door. Telling us to get out that the roof was on fire!! I thank God for sending His angel to wake us up.
I was sad because I lived in that house all my life, but it was only a house..No one was hurt. We had a Christmas that was more meaningful that year then one can imagine!

You have memories of your visits and no fire can destroy those...I always think when something happens in our lives such as this. God provides 100x's better then we could ever expect. I pray for your grandmother and I am happy her cat was found. Hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Loretta - sure sounds like an angel was there to help you out!
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Thanks for all your kind words, everyone!

The only unfortunate part about this, (which i forgot to mention) is that my grandmother is on a lot of antibiotics right now, and she doesn't really remember much about what happened, yet. I don't know if she deleberately is blocking things out of her mind, but she doesn't totally remember the cat yet. We told her we found him, and she had a hard time remembering him; and the fire itself.

I hope that once she gets her strength back (she lost a bit of weight), she'll start remembering more.
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All those antibiotics will help your grandmother get well. Kill any infection in her body.
In my opinion and that's all it is...
When a person goes through a traumatic experience such as she did..Sometimes the mind will block it out..
I would continue to talk to her about her cat and maybe even show her a picture..As she begins to gain her strength back. Begin to tell her what happened. Take it slow don't overwhelm her. Once she is strong enough.Tell her about the fire and what happened to her home...The last thing you want is when she has fully recovered to drop a bomb like that. Could only put her in shock. You'll know when the time is right to talk about this to her..
Good Luck and my best to you!
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I was so sorry to hear about your Gram and her house. I'm glad her cat turned up and hope your Gram is doing better.

It also brought back memories for me as well. When I was 19, back in 1973, CT had an ice storm that took the power and heat away for a week. We had a fire going in our fireplace to keep warm. Once everyting came back on we left the fireplace alone for the ashes to cool. My grandfather, who was 81 at the time, cleaned out the fireplace and put the ashes in a trash can lined with a polyeurathane bad and placed the cover on it. It cause spontaneous combustion which blew up in his face. He died 3 days later of 3rd degree burns over 90 percent of his body.

I will say a prayer for your Gram and for you. You are a very strong person and your Gram and her cat are very lucky to have you. Take care, hon and keep us posted, okay?

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redhead, that's exactly what we're going to do. Heck, we might even bring the cat to the hopsital to see her (we see lots of dogs going in and out, we're going to ask). Also, though NO ONE told her anything about the fire, she somehow just knows that her house is destroyed... weird.

and Donna, I'm sorry to hear what happened to your Grandfather. It's tough losing anyone, and even tougher when you know they're fighting for their life and don't know what the outcome will be. It's been like that for me, for the last few weeks.

My grandmother had severe smoke inhalation and also 3rd degree burns (on her face and hands) but she was lucky to survive... even the firefighters said so. But no one knows how it started/how the cat got out yet.

Once again everyone, thanks a bunch for your kind words.
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Chris :angel2:

It sounds like you have a wonderful family and you are very mature. I can remember once I was in a terrble accident and I didn't remember anything for days...and even still there's a big part of the puzzle that I can't recall at all. My body went into shock, much like when a person has a seizure, they will not remain concious because there body will shut down completely. Our bodies are incredible works or art and science. She may or may not recall a thing, but I'm sure she'll remember all the love and support she's receiving now...especiall from such a loving family

I think it's a wonderful thing that the hospital would allow pets in! I don't think they allow that here, but it certainly would be a great idea. There should be a petting area assigned or something like that.

Loretta :angel2:

I remember when you told me that incident; the hairs were standing on my arms...that is surely a miracle and I'm glad you shared your faith with Chris. It's so nice to come to this site and offer our support to one another.

Donna :angel2:
I'm really so sorry to hear about your Grandfather. That's so tragic.

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I am so sorry to hear about this...and my prayers are going out to your grandmother. I am sure as she gets stronger, and gets well again, her memory will come back to her. I think it is a great idea to take the cat to see her! My thoughts and prayers are with you, also, during this really hard time. I'm just so glad they found the cat, and it sounds like your grandma will be okay, soon!

Loretta, that truley was an angel that knocked on your door, I am sure. God works in mysterious ways!

Donna, I too am sorry to hear about what happened to your grandpa.
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