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Goooooooooogle does it again.

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Hey guys....

If you haven't already discovered these two google functions then you should discover them now!

I can't believe this service is free!! I don't think i will ever loose my way ever again
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Aren't all the Google features great? I like Froogle too, that's pretty awesome also.
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oo this looks so pretty
but why only america?

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Yeah, I kept complaing to the guys here at work that my house is surrounded by trees - I don't think they beleived me until I pulled the satillite picture up. Can't see my house - all you see is trees! I pulled up my house from when I was a kid, and a few others - brought back alot of memories.
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I'm not sure howcome .... it does some areas but not others.
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There is another google program that you pay for, but it does the entire world. I can't remember the name of it though!
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That's so cool!
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I have the google earth home too, Its awesome..
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Bizarro stuff.
I just found a satellite photo of my office with my truck parked behind it.
Freaky, man.
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The other one that I know of is:
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ooo! i love sites like that! thanks for the link.
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I love Google. I use it for EVERYTHING.

When I am really bored I google myself, then my friends & family
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it wont let me look stupid beta versions... lol guess ill just have to wait.
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I know isn't it cool!!! I found my apartment here in Morgantown, but they don't have Erie... booo!!
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I am tottallllly freaked! I found my house! Oh my gosh!
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How is everyone doing it??? lol work mustve fried my brain today.. :-\\
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I just wanted to say thanks again for posting these links. I was telling my husband about it. He's overseas so he got on the computer there and found our house. Then he told his co-workers and they all started to find thier houses. From the sound of it, it's made some homesick guys feel better. Thanks again for posting the link!
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That is amazing. I live on the top floor of a three story bldg. I felt like I was watching myself from the sky.
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