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All moved in

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Hey everyone!! Some of you may remember waaaaaaaaaaay back in December I announced that I bought a house! Well today was moving day. My biggest stress: what to do with the cats. It actually worked out really well. We locked them up in the bathroom while the movers were there. Lilly who HATES To be held ran right into the bathroom when there was a knock at the door, so that was a big sigh of releif. Ebony was a little more difficult. She did NOT like the movers. She hissed at them and got all puffed up, poor thing. They spent a good 5 hours in the bathroom and then we came back to get them.

Now their huddled together under the bed in their room trying to figure everything out. Neither one seem too willing to explore right now, but i figured that would be the case. Anyways, they have food and litter, a cat tree, and a big window in their new room so hopefully they won't stay in hiding too long!

As we get settled I will have to share pics of the new place. But for now I must get back to unpacking!
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Yay for moving day! Sorry the cats are a bit out of sorts... you know my Bay and Max were terrified when we moved a few months ago. But now they own the place and, if anything, are better friends than before.

Can't wait to see pics of the new place... and my bedroom, right?
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Glad the move went well and have fun unpacking!!!
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aww, teufel loves people!

Im glad to know that the move went well, and they will come out of their cuddling session tomorrow
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I am glad that the move went okay. It's hard on adults to move, let alone cats when they don't understand why their environment has suddenly changed. But... I am sure your two will be just fine and will settle within a few weeks At least they have each other for company as well.

Please give them a "moving in" hug from me, especially Ebony
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Congrats on the new house!

I will be moving in August, so I get to look forward to her reaction. I know for certain she won't like the hour car ride because she hates even going the 1 mile to the vet! Your kitties will be back to their usual selves and tearing everything apart in no time!
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Glad it went well. I am learning from other people before I have to do it!
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Things are going quite smoothly! Ebony is sauntering around making the place her own (and chasing the pesky flies the movers let in). Little things are still freaking her, but she is definitly OK. Lilly came out last night too!! (anyone who knows the history of my Lilly knows this is awesome for her to be out within 24 hours). She hung around the main floor for a few hours and then came up to the top level and fell asleep with me and my fiancee in the bed. Now she's decided she doesn't want to come out from our bedroom and is under the bed in there.

My one concern: neither one has eaten or had anything to drink yet. Ebony has used the litter box, Lilly to my knowledge has not. At what point do I get concerned? Currently their boxes are in our basement level and we put their food in the kitchen since they did come out to explore. I am hoping their dinner of wet food in a few hours will lure at least Lilly out of hiding. But I am slightly concerned that they have no interest in food and I am slightly worried about them finding the box when they have to go.

Sorry for the long post. I promise to post pictures of the place soon (much more exciting than this i know!)
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I'm certainly no expert, but for the first few days I would put their litter on the main level and possibly even in the bedroom where Lily is hanging out. I would also put out food and water in the bedroom as well as the kitchen. Then after a few days when Lily is more confident and settled, I would move the food and make sure she saw me move it or even carry her to it - same as for the litter. Move it gradually closer to the basement until they are OK with that.

When we had Jasper's little sister for 4 days, I moved Bijou's litter to the computer room, but I took him in there to show him where it was and made sure he knew.
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Thanks for your input. I just fed Lilly in the bedroom. She is such a difficult one sometimes!! She HATES to be held. So I avoid picking her up at all costs. I mean she THRASHES when you try and hold her. So I think moving the litter box to the bedroom will probably be our best bet. I am confident that when she gets hungry enough again she'll make her way to the main floor to find food. If I still notice it there in the morning I'll move that upstairs as well.

This is much harder with 3 levels! Moving things in and out of rooms in a 2 bedroom apartment was much easier.

I'm just glad they don't appear too traumatized.
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Beryl, I can't beleive that much time has gone by and your moved in! I remember when you posted pics of just your lot! LOL Can't wait to see pics!!
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I find it hard to believe that much time has gone by too Susie!! It feels like just yesterday I was a new TCS member, but pretty soon here I'll be approaching my 8 month mark here on TCS.

I plan to take my first pics tomorrow when the light is better we've finally gotten a good amount unpacked and decorated.

Lilly is making herself comfy in our bedroom once again (we moved her food and litter up there to keep her the least stressed as possible) and Ebony is making herself right at home! (we just heard her playing with her jingle ball in the basement 'cat room') YAY!
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That sounds wonderful! Soon Ebony and Lily will be playing hide and seek on the stairs
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Good to hear.
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