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I won a cat tree on Ebay!!!!!

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I am waaay too excited about this,but I just won an Amarkat cat tree on ebay- This one specifically:

I am soooo excited. The hard part will be waiting until I assemble it, since we're moving on the 20th. I don't want to put it together before then and then have to move it. The girls are going to love their tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Way to go esrgirl!! I am currently bidding on one too for my guys, wish me luck!!!

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wow thats cheap lucky you!!!!!
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I was actually thinking, "Gee, I hope no one from the catsite lost because I won." Kind of silly, but that actually went through my mind! This is the fourth tree I've tried to win, so if you don't win the one you are trying for keep trying! I've also noticed that they will rebid the same styles over and over- so you dont have to worry about a one-time-only chance to bid.
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Oh your kitties are gonna go bananas over that! Congrats!
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Wow that is cheap . I paid $150 for my Armakat, it is a 6 ft one with a hammock. I hope your cats like it.
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yes well the ones in germany go up in ridiculus prices so i havent been lucky so far, ive bidded on about 3 of the same style and many others
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this is the one i want for my next house
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I like that one Fwan! I really need to freshen up on my German though! It's a cat play paradise right? Some of these trees get really high in price during bidding. I've noticed the bigger ones, like the one Fwan wants, tend to get more pricey. It ended up being $54 with shipping. It's sell price is valued at $219- but I noticed they sell it for cheaper than that even. Regardless of whether you outright buy one from those people, the deal is still really good.
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Originally Posted by catlover7731
Wow that is cheap . I paid $150 for my Armakat, it is a 6 ft one with a hammock. I hope your cats like it.
Catlover!! That sounds just like the one I am bidding this it? If it is, do your cats like it? I have 2 that are 14 weeks old and I think they're going to LOVE it since they are little monkeys LOL.

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Thanks for reminding me of Ebay. I've been wanting a tree but I don't want to spend $400.00. I just won a 78" tree for $41.00, $110.00 with shipping but what the hey.
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Thats awesome, you kitties will love that forsure
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ersgirl -- On your "winning bid page" that is my Ebony in the second picture!!! LOL we have the same tree and they asked us to send them pics of the cats in the tree. Never thought I'd see my little girl on Ebay. hehe..anyways, they LOVE the tree. Your was about $25 cheaper than my bid too. That's awesome!!
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lol aw my gosh it is toooooooo!!!

Go ebony! shes getting famous!
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How fun that Ebony is a star! They should send you free cat trees I would totally send a picture of my girls on their tree when I get it set up. It would be fun to see them on Ebay!
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Has anybody had experience on how well the faux fur stands up as compared to carpet? I've had other faux fur products and the fur goes everywhere.
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It looks awesome!
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Awesome! Good score!
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Lovely kitty tree..i LOVE that seller.
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Congratulations!! I love it.
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