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Goodbye Sweet Babies

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Some of you may already know I had feline distemper do a run through my house. This is for the eight I have lost this week and pray that this is all of them. Sorry if this is long.

Dearest Gris, do you remember how you came to be at my house? Malek the neighborhood cat brought you over and deposited you under the house when he couldn't figure out why you kept yelling at him. I took you off to the vet because I didn't want kittens under my house and was going to send you on your way. During your recover time you decided that you liked us and chose to stay. We were blessed! Nobody was a stranger to you and any lap was fair game for you to crawl into. Starting with Emma and the eight that followed her you were considered the babysitter of the kittens. You always knew were they were and kept a close eye on them. You scolded Buzz when he climbed the curtain. Babied Houdini and Mr Peanut when they needed it. Put Cue in his place when he needed it. Taught Cassie and Claire about sisterly love. You loved us with all you had. Understood when I was busy this past week and pushed you away, I am so sorry. I knew Monday when you started getting sick that you were going to leave me. Thank you for the time you gave me yesterday to say my goodbyes. Thank you for laying on my lap the way you always did. Thank you for making your exit with such grace. Thank you for choosing us to stay with, five years was too short a time. The rainbow bridge must have needed a kind girl to watch over some lost kittens and keep them out of trouble because you left in such a hurry. I promised I would light a candle for you and will do so tonight. Bless you Gris for the special girl you were.

Dear Isabell; I took you in when your original owners left you behind. I didn't know that you would leave me this way. I promised to find you a special home when you were done caring for the foster babies you were taking care of besides your own. I did not know how special that home would be! I only had you for 10 weeks, but you touched my heart with the things you did during that time. You raised up your babies, even Yoda who I thought for sure we would lose. Then you took on five babies that weren't yours. I was told that you were a mean cat. I don't have the slightest clue who they were talking about because it wasn't you. Bless you Isabell and I hope and pray that you have finally found that place where you can be appreciated for the gentle cat you were.

Dear Chucky, Drew, Phil, Tommy and Gus; You were with me a week and half and you do not know the tears that flowed for you when you left. I don't know if you are with your mom now or if perhaps your mother left you behind because you were sick but I do know that you will be taken care of where you are at. Look for Gris I am sure that she will watch out for you. I tried my best with you but you were just too little to survive the disease that took you. Bless you boys and remember if you ever get to pass this way again stop and say "hey foster mom".

Dear Wednesday; you came into my house two weeks ago. A tiny little dehyrdated thing. You were suppose to join Isabell and her kittens but at four weeks you decided that you were not a baby and you didn't want anything to do with that baby stuff. You curled up next to me the first night and happily purred. A sign the kids said meant you were suppose to stay with us. Everybody who met you feel in love with you. You were going to grow to be one loving kind cat. I had to let you go the vet said you would never survive this. I asked you to take this nasty disease with you and hope and pray that you did. Monday night when your buddy Yoda and his littermates were not doing very good I told them that you promised to take the stuff with you. This morning they are doing a bit better. Bless you Wednesday somebody has missed on a really good cat.

Bless you all and I am so sorry for what I have done to you. Take care and watch out for each other.

Dozen2Luv (Regina)
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My heart is breaking for you in this time of terrible loss. You and all your beautiful babies will be in my prayers to night. From your descriptions I feel like I know each and every one of them, and can tell that they had plenty of peace, happiness and love within your home.
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Your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry for your loss of these sweet, beautiful cats. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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That is so sad, i am so sorry you had to go through so much pain in such a short space of time. Please dont be sorry about the length of it.

Thinking of you, and hoping all your babies have found each other at the bridge and are saying what a special person you are.
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RIP your little babies. I am sorry that you are going through this.
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I am so very sorry for your losses. It is just devastating to have so many losses.

You said, "I am so sorry for what I have done to you." You took in babies who had no other chance, and tried to save their lives. You loved and fed each tiny soul. You made them a part of your family. You have NOTHING to apologize for.

Please accept my condolences on all of your losses. I do hope the tears the TCS family is shedding with you can shoulder some of the pain. Please kiss each sweet Star Wars baby for me. Prayers that they get stronger with each passing day!
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Hi! I am so sorry! That is terrible. I sure hope you don't lose any more. Just remember they are up in Heaven watching. Again I am very sorry. Good Bye!
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Oh how sad! I can't read through this without tears!
I am so, so sorry you have had to go through this. Many to you.

RIP sweet babies
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I am so sad over your losses. Are you okay?
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I am so sorry for your loss, I couldn't even finish reading it, you are in my Thoughts and Prayers
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I am sorry you suffered this devastation. I am sure you have already been instructed about how best to clean and disinfect your home, and how long to wait to bring other cats into your heart and home- again I am sorry. Distemper is nasty-
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After reading your post the one thing that stands out is your guilt over believing you did this to them. Please do not blame yourself, please. The illness which took all these precious babies from you was too overpowering and you would never have allowed this to happen if you had a choice in the matter.

Your loss is so huge, to lose so many and still having to get your other kitties through their sickness as well. Along with everyone else here, my heart goes out to you. I'll send a little prayer out for all your kitties and healing vibes to you and the kitties that are still with you.

Much love

- cOOkie -
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Thank you for all your kind posts. My heart is so broken and numb it is hard to explain. I have scrub and bleached floors. Bleached cat boxes. Washed loads of stuff. Cried for babies whose lives were cut to short. There can't be any new babies in my house for a very long time, because of this stuff hanging around. Anyway here is one more tribute and I pray the last:

Dear Yoda; my funny little man, my Yodie boy. You arrived at my house with Isabell and the others the littlest kitten. A funny looking kitten. All ears and eyes and toothpick legs. You crawled right in to my heart and stayed there. Everybody said those big ears made you look funny, but I never laughed at you. You and I struggled to help you grow up to the little guy I held and comforted last night as you headed to the rainbow bridge. I know you tried your hardest right up until the end to stay. I understood when you wanted me to go away so you could go alone. Please say hi to mom Isabell and find your buddies Chuckie and Wednesday. I know that you liked them best. Bless you Yoda for being mom's dear sweet Yodie.

Dozen2Luv (Regina)
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I'm so sorry to hear about Yoda Regina. I am going to light my kitty-loss candle tonight and think about you.
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Regina words can not express the grief that I am feeling right now. Your words are a beautiful tribute to each of your kitties. Its hard to loose a loved one, but to loose so many so quickly must be devestating for you - my heart is with you during this time and I will also light a candle to help guide them all to the bridge. They are lucky to have Gris there to help them and look after them.

Bless you my friend - your an amazing person and you did everything in your power to stop this disease from spreading....

my words are not enough I know - but I am sorry

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Regina, there are no words to express the empathy I'm feeling for you right now. Over the course of one summer -- when the foster agencies refused to listen to my suspicions of distemper -- I lost 52 precious little ones. I know all too well the guilt you are feeling, but it was NOT your fault! It's taken me many months to accept that, but it was not YOU who brought in the deadly germ; I know you would have given anything to save Yoda and all the other little ones.
As I just wrote in another post -- I hope you're aware that the virus can live in your environment for as long as six years. Just be sure any kitties you foster or rescue have had at least their first 2 FVRCP vaccinations so you never have to go this hell again.
My heart goes out to you. Your tribute to your babies brought us all to tears. I know your little ones knew how much you loved them - that's the important part.
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