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Problem with mother cat

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Please forgive me for not introducing myself and jumping right in but I have a question concerning the behavior of my mother cat who has 5 kittens. The kittens are only 2 weeks old and appear to be quite healthy.

The problem is this, the mother cat is constantly picking up the kittens and bringing them to me. She will bring me one of the kittens and I'll take it back to it's container (a large rubbermaid tub with towels in the bottom). She then proceeds to pick up another and bring that one to me.

The mother appears to be feeding and caring for the kittens and they are gaining weight. I just wish I understood "cat" talk because she is trying to tell me something when she brings me the kittens, I just don't know what.

Any ideas out there?
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I don't know honestly, but it sounds as though she trusts you with her babies. I'd feel honoured.

Someone with more knowledge of why she is doing it will be along shortly I'm sure.
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I moved your thread to the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care forum because I thought the experts on momma cats would be more likely to see it here.
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my cat used to do something similar. she didnt like to leave her kitten (she just had the one) alone but didnt want to be cooped up in a the same room all day. when she wanted a break she would come and bring ME to the kitten to babysit when she went out (NOT outside, just around the house) for a break.

Does she have everything she needs in that one room? do you think she could be lonely?
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Sounds to me like she doesn't feel secure in her nesting box. There could be a number of reasons... it smells weird, too noisy, too cold, too hot... never really know. What I suggest to all new mommy cat owners with a problem like this is to confine the cat with her kittens in a room with food, water, litter, and any necesities.... confining them will give momma security, and prevent her from bringing her kittens out.
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Thank you everyone for the advise. I'll try all suggestions until I find something that works.

I'm so glad that I found this web site
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I have to laugh at Momma cats ... they are pretty amusing if you can "hear" what they are telling you.

In your case, Momma is essentially saying, "HERE! YOU do it for a while, I am gonna go and grab some ME time!!".

Just as an aside, are you feeding Momma cat a good, high-quality kitten food? How is she looking? Is she losing any weight at all?
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Sounds like a couple possible things could be occurring:
a) she's proud of her accomplishment, and wants you to see them
b) she's asking you to hang out with them for a bit, so they can familiarize themselves with you (and vice-versa)
c) she doesn't like where they're currently living and is asking for you to move them (I would suggest putting their bedding in a side-sitting cardboard box instead of the rubbermaid tub...would be more comfortable. Don't change the bedding, though, or it won't have her scent anymore.)

Hope that helps!!
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