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50th wedding ideas please

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My parent's 50th wedding anniversary is August 10th.
My sister and I already "gave" them their present in May-the Alaskan Cruise/Tour which they had a fabulous time.

But my sister is flying here on August 9th and we are going to their house on August 10th. She said they are having some of my aunts and uncles for drinks on August 10th at a local restaurant BUT............besides a card what other little thing could I/we get them as we did spend a chunk of change on the cruise??????????

They are not into all that memento stuff that says 50th anniversary on it.
Any ideas would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!
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When my parents had their golden wedding, as well as a big present - holiday plus sundial for the garden, we gave them som gold coloured rose bushes, which were not expensive but provided a constant reminder. Last year we then added some white ones for their diamond wedding!
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How about a portrait of you and your siblings and children? I bet they'd love that.
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Since you already gave them a gift, is there somewhere you could make a donation in their behalf, with a plaque or commemorative mention?

For my parents' 50th, instead of gifts, we suggested that guests donate to the local Botanical Garden, we purchased a park bench overlooking their favourite garden, so everyone who visits that garden can enjoy the view from "their" bench. It was a very well received idea.
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They rent a townhouse and do have some perennials but really no room or sun for roses.
I thought the portrait thing except my sister lives in a different state and we don't have enough time for August.
I like the donation idea too.

Keep them coming!!
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My grandparents wanted a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant. Well, they said they did at least Maybe a gift certificate for a restaurant, or museum, round of golf- or something else they'd have fun doing.
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The portait reminded me of something we did for my parents' 90 birthday - we got a photographer to take a portrait of THEM, and we made copies for all their children and grandchildren. This works well for people without much room for anything new (my mother is now trying to give stuff away) and made them feel we all wanted a lovely memory of a joyous occasion.
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For my in-laws 50th my SIL made them a video montage that she played at the party then gave them a copy of. She took pictures of the two of them and the family over the years and had a song playing in the background. (She used Vince Gill's "Look at Us", but there are tons of options.)

We liked the idea so much we did the same thing for my youngest brother's wedding in lieu of a toast. (My other brother was best man, so he got my sister and I to help him out and did it from all of us. We used pictures of the two of them as kids, then from their relationship together.)

There are companies that will do it for you professionally, but it's real easy to do it nicely yourself these days with a scanner and PowerPoint! You could play it at the get-together and burn it to a CD and give that to them.
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