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Deb25's babies, Squirt and Joey

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Or as she likes to call them, her normal, boring kitties!

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For some reason, couldn't get them to post together- sorry Deb!

Boring or not, they are beautiful kitties!
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Deb, you babies are beautiful!! Boring is a good thing, trust me, its better than waking up to utter destruction every morning :LOL:
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Wow! Thanks, Hissy. Now if I can only get those pictures to upload on my cat pages.

Mel, I didn't say that utter destruction wasn't part of the mix. My little Joseph, who I am convinced is some type of mentally challenged being, is never at a loss for reeking havoc. This morning he decided to pee on the floor of the garage. I consider that a step forward, because the last time he pulled a similar stunt, it was in my clean laundry.
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Deb: Squirt and Joey are wonderful! I just love orange fur balls!
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I love the look on Joeys face!

I'm envious of the atrium! I want one

your boys are sweet
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If I had a scanner, I would post the one I got back from being developed yesterday. Stupid Joey jumped into a kitchen cabinet one day when I opened the door. The whole sight was pretty hilarious, as he had to crouch way down to fit between the shelves. I shut the door on him and ran to get the camera. I had it all set and ready to go as opened the door and caught him relaxing in the cabinet.

He definitely gets more photo opps than Squirt because he does more stuff worth taking pictures of.
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I hope you don't mind that I post this, but you sent it a long time ago and it's the cutest pic of Squirt and Joey...they are adorable! In my files, I call it "Brother's"

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Well, gee, how did my guys become celebrities of the day?

I actually am not overly fond of that picture because for some reason Joseph looks bigger than he actually is compared to Squirt. I do have a framed one in my living room from when he was truly a kitten, instead of just eternally small that is my personal favorite of both of them.

As to brotherly love, in the next scene, Squirt climbs on poor baby Joseph and forgets that his sibling is his brother.

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I would love to see those two pics...I bet they're really cute! I guess I really do love the pic I posted because it just shows how much they love one another I'm a softie...

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Deb, what beautiful cats! I'm glad you got help with the photos. Sorry I didn't think to offer to resize for you, instead of flooding you with PM's...it definitely made more sense (d'oh!)

They look mahvelous!

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No problem, Bill. I actually wanted to post them on my cat pages, but it seems they aren't working either!
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Deb, Squirt and Joey are beautiful cats!!!!!!
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