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Facing a difficult decision

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Just wanted to ask for good vibes for my brother and his family, along with their yellow lab, Max, who's 13. Found out at a family picnic on the 4th that they are considering having this sweet, loyal boy put to sleep because his arthritis has gotten so bad he can barely walk. He's been on medication for a couple of years, but it's at the point where his legs often just collaspe underneath when he tries to stand They've had since he was a puppy, before they got married. Max, along with Sammy (the cat, still going strong) were their kids before the human ones came along. Their vet is recommending letting him go, but my brother who gets very attached to his animals (runs in the family) is really struggling with this. He and my sister-in-law are also concerned about how my five-year-old niece, who's extremely close to Max will handle it. Please send good vibes for them as they deal with making this decision, and for sweet Max, who's has been such a faithful and loved member of the family.
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I am so sorry that you family is having to face this difficult decision

Sending lots of Thinking of you with lots of love }}}VIBES{{{
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Definitely, good vibes are on the way. These decisions are soooo difficult esp. when young children are involved. When I was 4, my catBlackie was accidentally killed by walking in a garden that had snail-poison & I still remember how it hurt and how hard I cried. My father buried him in a special spot & let us kids have a funeral. My dad made a grave-marker & let us decorate the spot. My mom thought he was crazy for encouraging us for "just a cat", but it taught me how to get comfort from a funeral, and that a good & just God rewards our servant pets for us. When I am reminded of that day, I feel love & thankfulness for my father. Take Care, Susan
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I'm sending vibes and prayers to help with this difficult and painful situation. I'm sorry that your brother and his family have to go through this.
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I will be praying for your family. The decision to put an animal to sleep is one of the most difficult we have to make I think.
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I'm so sorry your brother and his family (esp. your niece) are facing this tough decision. I know that will do what is right for Max. Sending vibes {{{{{}}}}} that they can get through the pain that this is causing them.
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oh, i'm so, so sorry.

I cant imagine how they must feel. sending lots of love and vibes.
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So sorry to hear about this, Sending you lots of love and plenty of good vibes.
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Have they thought of getting a new dog that is the same kind and the dog they are putting to sleep.
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A decision like that is very difficult. I wish everyone all the best.
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The decision your brothers family is facing is one I fear. My kitty Sammy is in the early stages of arthritis and I dread the time when/if it worsens. My heart goes out to Max and everyone who loves him.
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Originally Posted by j171978
Have they thought of getting a new dog that is the same kind and the dog they are putting to sleep.
I'm sure they'll get another dog soon, once they've had a chance to mourn Max. My brother has never been without a dog in his life.

Thanks so much to everyone for the good vibes and support. It means more than you know. I'll really miss this big, sweet, slobbery boy!
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I feel for your brother and his family - that's a tough situation to be in.
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Just wanted to give everyone an update on my brother's dog. At the vet last wee, he suggested trying a new medication that has relieved a lot of Max's pain and has him back on his feet and walking! Unfortunately he's also been diagnosed with liver cancer. Because of his age, my brother has decided to just keep Max comfortable until it's time to say good-bye. What a hard a decision. Thanks to all of you for the good vibes.
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