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Hunting cats

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A many of you know my cats are inside/outside (with restrictions).
Anyhow Bobber is the big hunter in the family.
In the past week 2 chipmunks and 3 babyish rabbits.
Anyhow if we can we "take" the kill away mainly due to worm problems.
DH is still a softly about the rabbits but as I have EXTENSIVE landscaping and big veg garden I don't want that stuff damaged too much.
So DH carries the bunny last night across the road in the ditch instead of under our spruce trees as I asked.
Well Bobs runs across the road as she heard the bunny.
Much yelling occured and put Bobs in garage, DH lets her out and we ran around for at least 20 min trying to catch her and put back in house.
So do you think she forgot about the rabbit by now as I don't want her to cross the road!!

Opinions from other outside cat owners that have hunters???

BTW I think she is getting this chipmunks from neighbor's yard as I have not seen one in my yard in years!!
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Gail take if from someone who has lost outside cats both last year and this year. Build an enclosure for them, or keep them inside. Otherwise, understand the risks you are putting them through with outside predators, cars, diseases, or just having them vanish one day. The heartache is massive when you loose them. If you let them outside, and they are well-fed they will hunt- and they will bring you the trophies home because you are their family. I can't make you listen to me, my hope is that you will at least consider what I have said.
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I'm not worried about the other 3 as they are luck if they go farther than 100 feet from the house. But Bobs travels farther I know that. But the max time they are outside daily is 2-3 hrs.
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