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Update on Cher

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So last night I did end up having to cut the cord, I called the emergency vet, and thats what they said to do. This morning I found that one had died in the night. And, this is so wierd, I couldnt find the fourth. She had 3 in there with her. I figured it had died in the night also and she had moved it. Then I heard a faint meow. Last night I had left my sweatshirt on the floor near the box, and I found the kitten under there! It was wiggling and crying. I will watch to see if she rejects it. When I put it back, she started licking it. I have KMR and bottles , in case I need to help that one. Once again, let me say that I do not like this birthing stuff!
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It is nerve-wracking, I know! But you are doing OK so far. I hope it all continues OK, sorry about the little one you lost, but good luck with the four remaining ones.
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Thanks.They all seem happy enough right now. They are all 4 yellow like their mom. I cant tell them apart yet at all!
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Oh dear ... I am sorry for the one little one who didn't make it.

Sending hugs,

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