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Hello Everyone! My name is Gina and I am from Tx. My fiance and I have three cats and a dog. Well one cat and two kittens really but hey! They are Sam, Angie and little Stormy who seems to only like me. hehe I look forward to learning more about the feline ways here as I am a dog person who is farely new to cats!
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Welcome to TCS! Would love to see pictures of your three soon!
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Welcome to TCS! You will definitely be able to learn a lot here! I too look forward to seeing some pictures of your fur family!
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Welcome to the site! This place is great for learning about our feline family members, as well as bragging, commiserating, laughing at, etc. etc. etc. our furries.
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Hey and welcome... you're from Ft. Worth? That's a great town, I love it! Anyway, welcome to you and your gang!
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Hi and Welcome
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Thanks to all of you guys for the warm welcome! Im also a member of a lab board that is set up similar to this one.... I use picvault for the pics there... do you guys use a similar type thing or how do yall do the pictures here?
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Welcome to u....

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Hi Gina! Welcome to TCS! You'll find answers to all your kitty questions here! Hope to see some pics soon!
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Welcome, Stormysmom! I'm also a converted dog person. Still love dogs, of course, but cats are really special, as I'm sure you're finding out!
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Hello and welcome!!!!
YAY, another Stormy!!!

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Welcome to TCS Gina. I have the same name as your kitty[Sam]
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Thanks again for all the welcomes. i am trying to figure out how to put some pictures in the signature. We shall see if it works
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Welcome to TCS

awwww look at little Angie she is just adorable
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