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Woo HOO!!

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Today was my 18th birthday and guess what my gift was from my parents..... a brand new 2005 Dodge Ram Diesel Truck!! yay!! i'll post pics. I love it! Im so happy!

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Happy Birthday!

What a great present! You're very lucky!

I bet you had a great day with a present like that!
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Woooo nice one!!!!

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That is one great truck!

Happy Birthday!
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sry they're such crappy pics... the first two are from my sisters camera and it sucks!
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Happy birthday!
That's an awesome present!
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Wow, that is awesome! Congratulations!
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Just one question. Would your parents like to adopt me?

Awesome gift. Obviously you are a good daughter or they wouldn't be so good to you.

Have a wonderful day.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Just one question. Would your parents like to adopt me?
no no pick me!! pick me!!!
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That's wonderful!! Happy 18th Birthday!!

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ohh wow HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
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Now that's what I call a gift!

Happy Birthday!
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Awsome gift!!! I want your parents too!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy 18th Birthday

Congrats on the new truck Its awesome

Umm where do I sign up.. Can I get adopted, they looking for new kids.. Sure I am older but I need a new truck
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Nice Truck...Happy 18th Birthday
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Wow Cool. I wish i got a gift like that on my birthday... I had to empty my stocks to get my car.
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Happy 18th!!

that's one heckuva excellent birthday gift!
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