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Right Paw/Left Paw Dominant

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Are cats right or left paw dominant like people? Has anyone noticed?
The reason I'm asking? Mac is a Q-Tip addict! He loves to play with them in the mornings when I put on my makeup. So, I put one in the right side of the medicine cabinet and one in the left side. He works and works until he gets them out.

The left side of the cabinet always seems to be harder for him then the right side so I just got to thinking maybe he's right pawed?

Anyone else notice this in their babies?

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That's a really good question to ponder. I have never really noticed which paw they use more often. Of course now I will be watching thier every move while they play..LOL. I think the only strange thing I have noticed is one of my cats when picked up HAS to be on the left shoulder. If you put her on the right, she will wiggle until you let her get over to the left.
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I believe both of mine are right pawed. They seem to reach with the right paw first, though they often use the left if that is unsuccessful, or both together. They tend to lay on the left side so the right paw is free for swiping. I bet if I watched them stand up and walk, they'd start with the right one too.
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Great question!

For answers I went straight to my source. Spawn says she's right pawed. Not in so many words, mind you, but when I just reached over to pet her, she used her right paw to claw me. Such a sweet cat she is.
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With 7 fur babes, I think I have a mix. Jin, I love the scenerio of Spawn thanking you so for petting her.
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That's a darn good question! I'll be watching and keep ya posted! :laughing2

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I have noticed that Snowball usually uses his right paw when he is playing or reaching for something.
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Sunshine always uses her right paw to swat or claw at something....so I guess she is "righty".
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1 is ambidexterous (sp?), 3 righties & one lefty. I tested them when this tread started as it got me curious!
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That's interesting. How did you test them?
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My two feline buddies are apparently right-brained gals, as they tend to "lead" with the left paw.


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