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Addicted to the Computer

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That would be me! I'm definitely addicted to mine, and especially TCS!
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Good one.
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yeah that is me too
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Glad I'm not riding in that car once they get the lil' darlin' loaded up!
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that would be me too
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He really needs a laptop so he can hold onto it better!!
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Yeah, I definitely need a 12 step program. Perhaps we should develop one for TCS addicts!
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I am sending the link for my hubby to see this picture and I am going to ask him if it reminds him of any body LOL hahahahahah
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That is so my dad.
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How funny is that? Thanks!

I got my dad a birthday card (for his 61st) that read:

Kevin only logged onto the internet to check his emails. By the time he had finished he had bought a brand new car, bid on a pair of shoes on ebay and married a 17 year old Texan....

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I love it!
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