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Todays radio question: 07/05/05

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Did you ever fib to your parents about where you were going?
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not really, i was very truthful, they just thought i was being a smart elec

i am such a sarcastic person that they never knew i was telling the truth...

my mom would ask where are you going tonight, and i would flat out tell her, i am going to a party with no parents, we are gunna get plastered, maybe have a little sex, maybe do a few drugs, some of us are thinking about going to jail... and i was dead serious... and she would look at me and tell me not to be a smartass, i would say okay, and then go do exactly what i just told her i was going to... so i never really lied... i was such a bad kid though

i have recently told her what i was doing back in the day and she said she knew... i asked her why she didnt stop me then...

i just joked about stuff like that so often, that they figured i was always joking... it doesnt work anymore it has been so many years that when i now say something sarcastically, they know i am being for real
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Did you ever fib to your parents about where you were going?
You're kidding..right?
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Of course!!!
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Usually only after the fact. I told them what I *planned* to do, but sometimes plans changed and they just didn't really need to know the details the next day. LOL
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When I was a teenager, i would just never tell her I was going out and sneak out my bedroom window. well one night I got busted!!!! OOPS! my bad!!!!!!!! Almost got grounded for life but it didn't stop me, I was a rebel without a clue!!!! I even stupidly drank and drove! Now I chastize any kid who does it because I'm lucky to have gotten home that night! what a stupid stunt that was!!!!!!
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I did when I was about 15, I liked a boy named Chris my foster parents had a pretty good idea of this since Chris's name was all over everything. Anyway, I said I was baby sitting for my neighbors until 10 but actually I was only sitting until 9 so I could go meet him and go for a long walk. Go figure as I was going for my walk with my Chris. So wasn't my foster parents LOL Busted. Sure its no biggy but they was not empressed since I fibbed about it. My foster mom said. All you had to do was tell the truth about what you was doing and it would have been fine. WHAT!!! That simple.. Like heck.
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OMG! All the time! BUT, I will say this, in a very long confessional to Mom before she passed away, I did tell her of all my wrongdoings and indiscretions on my youth! She couldn't believe the things I did or the places I went! So, now when I see her again, there will be no surprises!!
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I wish I had a reason to sneak out! Even now..
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No, not really! My Mum's cool and was pretty understanding! She said that as long as she knew where I was she was happy - and that I could ring if I needed a lift home or something! (I went to clubs and bars when I was 15!)
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No because like the motto i still use today, " You always get caught out in the end! "
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oh yes, infact I even did yesterday morning. My mother says I'm being "secretive" but it's actually something called "privacy". She doesn't need to know every detail of my life right now. But when I was younger I rarely lied about anywhere I went. But then it WAS her business.
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All the time. My parents didn't really care where we went, anyway.
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Most of the time, she didn't ask. I have had to lie to her about where I was going a few times and why I got home so late, though. I NEVER made it home when she told me to be home
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Who? Me? ......
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All the
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Because my parents were unecessarily strict, I stretched the truth now and then. Only, they tried their darndest to bring me up Catholic. Though the rest of the religion seems to have escaped me, I DID wind up with a huge dose of Catholic guilt, so I usually ended up telling them where I really was.

I was always better at the...what do you call it...lie of omission!
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Nope ever about where I was going. I wasn't a very exciting kid though. I hung out with the same 5 people all through highschool and we were a pretty tame crowd.
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I did lie a couple of times, but the truth always came out. My brother lied all the time about where he was. He was in trouble a lot. My parents still have trouble trusting him.
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Yeah, I did a few times. More than likely I left out certain parts of what I did than outright lied, but I'm sure there were some fibs, too.
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Of course. I wouldn't have had any fun at all if I hadn't!!
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I'm 15. I do lie on occasion, or is that I don't lie on occasion? Kidding!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Did you ever fib to your parents about where you were going?
I fibbed all the time guess thats why I was always in trouble - but gosh it was fun!!!
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