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Cat's eye puffy

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I am trying to see if anyone knows what might be wrong with my old guy....
We have a male cat that is 13 and for a couple of days his eye has been running and now all of a sudden today it is swoolen and looks really sore. He will let you touch it but don't like it much. Are there some drops i can give him?
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I would definitely take him to the vet if I were you. It could be serious. I wouldn't try using any kind of eye drops because you don't know what's wrong with him and it could do more damage.
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You really should take your cat to a vet to be checked out. You may want to post in the "Health" forum. You will get more answers from people that have experience with this type of thing.
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Yes, I have seen this happen, it requires vet attention and prescription eye medication.
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thanks for the advice we will probably take him tomrrow. I figured that is what we would do anyway. I just thought maybe there was a quick fix or something. I tend to freak a little when it comes to my babies. Thanks again
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It could be a foxtail stuck in there if he is an outdoor cat. I posted a while back on this, because it happened to Toaster. It's a plant that has sticky spiny things that can get stuck on animals.
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In the meantime, you could bathe it with salt water ?

My kitten gets puffy eyes quite frequently and if we don't have eye drops, the salt water seems to work just as well. plus my vet recommended it too
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I did get a hold of the vet but he can't see us until tomorrow. Both of my cats are indoor cats so I am not sure what caused it. It started running a couple of days ago but it was clear and I thought maybee it was just the heat or he had a hair in his eye. We kept wiping it with a warm wash cloth but it kept running. then all of a sudden yesterday when my husband got home from work it was puffy. It looks like the 3rd eye lid is popping out and the corner is puffy to. The vet said to just wipe it with warm water until tomorrow. It don't seem to hurt him but I can see the change in his attitude. Thanks for all of the advice though I really appreciate it.
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It's possible that the cats were playing too rough, and he got scratched on or near the eye. I'm glad you'll be seeing the vet soon, so it can be treated.
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