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Finding a vet

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How do you find a good quality vet? We moved about a year ago from Indiana and had the most wonderful vet in the world. Now, in a city 10x the size, we can't find a good vet. We have tried 5 different vets. Is there a way to research them? Word of mouth hasn't helped yet. Does the better business bureau have this info.? None of the vets here will offer advice without the charge of an office visit. I just want to be able to ask general questions without an office visit. It would be to the vets advantage since I have 5 pets?!? Or so I would think. Any words of wisdom? thanks!
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Hmmmmm, yeah I had gone through about 5 before I felt as if I had hit the jackpot. You can check with the BBB to look for complaints. At least that way you may know the ones with the most complaints. The only advice I can give you is to go with your gut. I know that is how I have done it and it has worked like a charm. Most of the good vets have been around for a long time and have several vets in the office. This way they keep up with new procedures. I have also found that once you feel comfortable with a vet and you stick around, they get to know you and are willing to give advice over the phone.
I sure hope you can find someone in your area!!
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Is call the closest vet school to you and ask them. Tell them how many animals you have and your special needs (if any) and go from there.
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but where in Indiana did you move from?

I grew up in Lebanon & my family all live in Indianapolis. I moved to Maryland about 6 years ago.
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Maybe you could find some breeders in your area, contact them, and ask who they recommend. Or, how about calling your old vet & see if they have any suggestions. I would also call the local animal shelter & ask for the names of some vets who volunteer there.
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Thanks for all your advice (by the way, Airprincess, I moved from Lafayette- not far from you- which is where I grew up!) I will take all of your suggestions. I appreciate it!
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