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Ive Found A Lump!

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I was stroking my 8 month old kitten earlier and noticed she had a hard lumo just under her ribs on her right side.

I dont want to read too much into it, it is about the size of a 50 pence coin(if any people are familiar with UK coins), there isnt one on her left side at all and I can only feel it when she lies on her left side.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it can be, she has just had four babies last Thursday if this helps at all, also she seems to be fine in herself.

I just didnt know if it is possible to feel her organs by touching her on the side?


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I'm no expert but if she's just had kittens is the lump beside where her nipple is?!.

For those who don't know the size of a 50p coin it's just over 1" dia.
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Thanks for the translation of currency rosiemac i dont think it is right next to her nipples no, just under the curve of her ribs.

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Oh right, i just wondered with her just having the kittens it could have something to do with her milk?!.

Keep looking in because someone is bound to have an idea.
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Thanks anyway rosiemac, i will keep a look out

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Can anyone else offer advice, I want to try to avoid the vets if possible

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Sarah would you not be taking her to the vet to get spayed later on anyway?!.

I know my vet answers questions for me over the phone, but usually for something like that they may want to see her.
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Yes I will be once the babes are weaned.
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I agree with Susan, maybe you should phone your vet or vet nurse and see if they can offer any advice. I do think they will want to see her though!
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Sorry to hear about the lump

As said above, I would call the vet and ask their advice. A trip to the vet sooner rather than later would also give you reassurance that she is okay. And without wanting to scare you, if anything was wrong the sooner they deal with it, the better for you and your kitty.

Let us know how you get along.
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The reality is that cats get lumps. They run into things, bugs bite them, they have allergies, they rub up against something and cause a lump. After a spay, lumps form. Some lumps can be cysts or tumors but more often than not it turns out to be nothing and goes away in a few days. If you are worried, call your vet and talk to them and ask them what best to do. No one here can tell you with certainty what this lump is- only a vet will be able to do that.
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Thanks to all for your advice......today the lump has vanished, which is good news in itself.

Hopefully it wont return, if it does I will definately phone the vet.

Thanks Again

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