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moving kittens

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hey, my new mommy keeps moving her kittens under my bed and it's REALLY hard to get to them. everytime i put them back she jsut keeps moving them. what do i do?
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Can you find a locartion where both she and the kittens are happy? Some breeders use Queen cages to house mama and the babies. That way, no one gets lost and mama cannot take them all over the house.
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what is a queen cage
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The answer to that differs among breeders, but I use an extra-large dog crate. It is portable, easy to clean and provides a large enough space for Momma to comfortably care for her little ones in such a way as to be safe from moving them to an inappropriate place.
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I'm on Day 11 with Momma Kitty and kittens. I originally used a large box for birthing. But after a few days, Momma Kitty wanted out and that decision seemed to be final. After watching Mommy Kitty scout out the closets and under the beds, I compromised and gave her a small closet. She's been happy with the closet, except for one transfer to under our bed, but we put them all back and all's been well for 3 days.

I'd find another place she likes and one you can tolerate. I understand momma likes to move the kitties around to confuse predators of the location of the kitties.

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funny you mention that....we tried to give my hubby his computer desk back so he can study but momma got really stressed out and tried to move them back....we gave into her and my hubby is going to use his lap top now ....he wont dare go in there because she is very protective and he is scared of her we figure it wont be much longer and she will not be able to keep them all in one place anyhow
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I prefer keeping kittens in a room. That always works with me.
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