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I'm here!!

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Wow I made it! I'm finally here in Copenhagen. guess what. It's peeing with rain! Just my luck! Still... I've got all the time in the world now to enjoy summer. Thanks all for all your support. This hasn't been an easy move at all, and doubtless there will be some tears still, but I'm here. Thanks.
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EMMA!!!!!.... that´s is a wonderful new!!! see you again here!!! ...
Emma is here!!!! Emma is here!!!!!..
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So, how stressful was the move?
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Emma, I'm so glad you're there and getting settled in!
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How stressful... well it wasn't the move that was stressful really. That all went off without a hitch. It was Sunday that was the worst. I got to see Alex before I went away - I had him all afternoon, all to myself. It was wonderful... but then I had to give him back to his father. I think my heart well and truly broke to have to do that, knowing that I didn't know when I'd see him again. Alex was really upset and tearful, so I left my goodbyes short so that it wouldn't be worse for him than it already was. I didn't want him to suffer that much and I don't want to remember the tears. I just hope I've done the right thing and his father and girlfriend will do right by him where I couldn't. So the move itself went well really. Rune has already told me I need a bicycle, had my keys cut and has set up a separate account on the laptop so that I can keep in touch with you guys without having to ask him to log it all in ! It's good to be back on a relatively even keel actually
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Emma, I am so pleased that things are looking up for you - you certainly deserve it!

Great to see you back on the boards!
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Glad your move went smoothly and you are back.

Sorry about Alex, but I'm sure you know in your heart you are doing the right thing.
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aw emma, i have a teary eye
Im glad you got there, its pissing rain here too
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hehe it's raining royally here at the mo - we have one mother of a thunderstorm goin gover ..... ooo but the static!!!
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Hi Emma
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hope things continue to improve for you, you deserve a bit of luck
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Congratulations Emma! Hope you can post pictures of the beautiful city soon!
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I'm glad to hear that you are settling in allright. Hope you come to love Copenhagen. Send pics of the toen ans the cats that live there. Howard.
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