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Good vibes needed

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If anyone has any spare good vibes, I would appreciate it if you could send them my father's way.

I spent the morning in the Emergency Room with him. He has had a bad chest cold for the past 2 weeks and has been taking various antibiotics, prednisone and cough medicines. He has not beel able to shake off this cold. The latest medication did not help and made him more confused than normal and impaired his motor skills. He is 75 and has been a bit frail since ahving a stroke 5 years ago. He did get more medicine this morning.

I am suppsoed to be leaving on vacation in the morning and I am really stressing out about this.

Thanks for any vibes!
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Karen, your father is in my thoughts and prayers for improved health. Vibes coming his way (and yours, too) {{{{{}}}}}.
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Karen I'm sending tonnes of healthy }}}VIBES{{{ to your Father and lots of calming/anti-stress }}}VIBES{{{ to you!

Can I just suggest one thing - make sure that he keeps his feet moving and excercising in bed! Even swinging his arms will do good! If he can get out of bed, make sure that he walks as much as possible! It will help, as it keeps the blood flowing well and also keeps his mind occupied!

Lots of love coming your way!
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Sending good vibes, thoughts and prayers to your father and you.
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(((((Healthy vibes))))) coming your fathers way Karen And you take care as well!
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Oh, Karen, prayers that your father can start feeling better soon. I hope you will be able to go on your vacation, and not worry about his health!

Please feel well and strong soon, Karen's dad, and breathe easy!
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You & your father have loving, healing vibes coming your way.
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I´m so sorry to heard that Karen.. your fathers in right now in my prayers.......
And your trip, are you going to delay it?......I hope not....
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vibes coming your way - please keep us updated
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Originally Posted by xocats
You & your father have loving, healing vibes coming your way.
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Karen, your father is in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sending mega vibes that he recovers. I'm sending vibes to you and wishing you a happy trip.
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Many good healing vibes coming your way. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you so much everyone!!!!

As it stands right now, we will still be going on our trip. We are only going to Cape Cod which is about an hour away from here and I will have my cell phone.

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Sending lots of good vibes to your father (((((Good Vibes)))))))

I will be thinking of him and keeping him in my thoughts. I hope they can help him and make him feel better. Keep us updated on everything and in the mean time I'll be wishing, hoping and sending all the good vibes I can.

Try and have a good holiday, I know it must be hard but I know your father wouldn't want you to cancel and would want you to have a nice time. And I am sure if he was well enough he'd be telling you so. And as you said you always have your cell phone and your not to far way.

Take care and go and give Abby a cuddle (having a cuddle from my cats always makes me feel a little bit better).

Eva xxx
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Karen, tons of good vibes coming your way!!!!
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Prayers for your father's recovery heading your way!!!
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Thank you SO much to all! My father wasn't doing too well when he woke up this morning - He was extrememly confused and his motor skills were poor again, but now he seems to be doing better than he was yesterday. My husband and I will be leaving soon. the weather forecast is horrible, but I will try to get some good pictures!


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I want to thank everyone for their good vibes. The past 2 days my father seems to be on the mend!
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Wonderful news, Karen !!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Wonderful news, Karen !!
I Second that!
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Further "get well soon" vibes for your father!
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That's good to hear Karen.

Your father remains in my thoughts.
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I'm glad your father seems to be doing better -- hope the progress continues and he's feeling better soon. Hope you get a good rest, too.
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